Winch Mounts & Sheet Metal - Tracked Amphibious Vehicle Build Ep. 14

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This time I'm fabricating mounts for the 12 V winches and finally start the sheet metal work on the tracked amphibious vehicle. To achieve the rigidness and structural soundness of the winch mounts I'll have to support the mount plates from various angles with rectangular steel tubing. Yes, I'm welding on more steel and it is waaayyy tooo heeaavyy for some people but I'll bet it'll float like a boat when it's finished. :) That's some backyard engineering right there - hardly no math ever used and eyeballing things most of the time. That has to make a real engineer's skin crawl. And that shows we're in a right place - a place that is playful and interesting. This steel frame, or chassis, is now almost finished to the point where I can slap on the rest of the sheet metal which is thinner, thus lighter than the 2 mm sheet I used for the bottom and the leftovers turned into the rear corners of the tub in this video. I'm welding on two winch mounts which means I'm gonna install two winches too. You know these times when you think you're going to pin your ATV straight through a mud hole and it doesn't happen... Instead you're stuck, you can get out one way and instead you're pointing the other way. Thus a rear mounted winch would be helpful. At the same time I really hope I don't have to ever use it. The front one on the other hand will serve most of the time as a snow plow lift in the winter time. Can't wait till the vehicle is finished and for the first test rides (and break downs). I bet you can't too. I'm gonna continue the build next week and new video on next Friday! Stay tuned!
#donndiy #homemade #trackedvehicle
This video is part of a series of videos, check out the series here:
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Pomade - Silent Partner (EEpost Audio Library)
Welding equipment borrowed from Spetselektroodi AS, Estonia:
Fronius TransSteel 2700 welder
Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet
Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP plasma cutter

Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
This video is part of a series of videos, check out the series here: Subscribe for more and check out my other videos on my channel page: Welding equipment borrowed from Spetselektroodi AS, Estonia: Fronius TransSteel 2700 welder Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP plasma cutter
NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere
NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere 10 місяців tagasi
@Алексей Баин 👍
NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere
NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere 10 місяців tagasi
@Don Vittorio DiMaggio #👍
NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere
NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere 10 місяців tagasi
@demente z 👍
Алексей Баин
Алексей Баин Aasta tagasi
Метал сколько мм
Don Vittorio DiMaggio #
Don Vittorio DiMaggio # Aasta tagasi
ezhimala enterprises
ezhimala enterprises 3 місяці tagasi
OMG 😱😱😱😱😱😱 very very nice Bro ...........
Michael Han
Michael Han 4 місяці tagasi
this guy ought to be making high 6 digits with an American corporation, he's a genius. Why not jack it up though all that stooping down would murder my legs
Travis Gregg
Travis Gregg 5 місяців tagasi
You need a video of all the crazy awesome tap handles you have!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 5 місяців tagasi
Пётр Медный
Пётр Медный 7 місяців tagasi
Просто гений, гениально.
Nguyễn Sinh
Nguyễn Sinh 8 місяців tagasi
Khung gầm chắc như vầy mà ko hàn cẩu tự hành vào mà lại phải mất thêm 1 đồng sắt để hàn lên trên trong khi tác dụng thì như nhau Điên dồ
Ярослав Личман
Ярослав Личман 8 місяців tagasi
чи це тіпа броні машина
Ярослав Личман
Ярослав Личман 8 місяців tagasi
а не важко буде таку вагу тягати
Proger Com
Proger Com 9 місяців tagasi
Это чувак с сериала Полицейский с Рублёвки
Kiran Brufo
Kiran Brufo 9 місяців tagasi
If all those pipes were aluminium it will be half the weight 😊a 20hp moter will cry all the day
Kiran Brufo
Kiran Brufo 9 місяців tagasi
Donn DIY all the best i am exited too see the ride
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
ARGOs are made with 20HP engines and they work great.
NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere
NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere 10 місяців tagasi
👍 Does he also get a folding propeller for propulsion in the water like the VW Type 166 Schwimmwagen (Floating Car) from the WW-II and as an emergency paddle? Link in the comment below because of the SPAM filter from EEpost!
NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere
NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere 10 місяців tagasi
@Donn DIY 👍
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 10 місяців tagasi
I would like to have a propeller added in the future. Right now I'm working on finishing everything up so I can let it be powdercoated.
Rider Mak
Rider Mak 10 місяців tagasi
Triangles, triangles, triangles !! Yeah baby....he gets it. 😎🤙 Nice execution too. I’d trust those welds.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 10 місяців tagasi
Cheers man!
Thierry Andrina
Thierry Andrina 10 місяців tagasi
Une petite astuce je te vois embêté avec la rouille regarde voir si tu peu acheter de l'acide phosphorique, cela ne coûte pas très cher, tu peu la trouver la ou on construis les bateaux ,tu prend un vaporisateur tu mes 10% d'acide le reste d'eau déminéralisé tu vaporise le soir, le lendemain il n'y a plus de rouille et même, sa phosphate le métal qui du coup deviens inoxydable.
W Boswell
W Boswell 10 місяців tagasi
How much is that thing gonna weight when done??
Section 8 Motor pool
Section 8 Motor pool 10 місяців tagasi
Fresh water averages 62lbs. Per cubic ft....sea water is 64. I’m sure you will displace enough!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 10 місяців tagasi
The lower hull displaces 1.5 ton of water. I think I'm good yeah. 😉
Aloha Erickson Ohana
Aloha Erickson Ohana 10 місяців tagasi
Plasma cutter! Yay!
Patrick Kelvin
Patrick Kelvin 10 місяців tagasi
Muito bom
Leo P
Leo P 11 місяців tagasi
And also best wishes to the man who gave you the plasma cutter. Whomever you are sir you are a gentleman of the highest order!
Leo P
Leo P 11 місяців tagasi
How did you decide on how much square tube bracing you needed? It apears like an awful lot to me. Can the sheet metal butt weld to itself without any square tube for suppporting the weld. I think it would be almost as strong. As usual you do such beautifull work and fabrication.
Vona Laszlo
Vona Laszlo 11 місяців tagasi
that plasma cutting man!! Sharp, like drawing with a 0.5mm pencil! Very well done!
Jon Flanagin
Jon Flanagin 11 місяців tagasi
Oops didn't check comments.
Jon Flanagin
Jon Flanagin 11 місяців tagasi
I like your CAD work. (cardboard assisted drawing .)
arlin chaapel
arlin chaapel 11 місяців tagasi
What a great project I wish I had my own metal shop to do this I'm learning a lot feel like I'm in metal shop again
Alf Iversen
Alf Iversen Aasta tagasi
Oh no, it will never float with TWO winches!!!😂
Bobby Nate
Bobby Nate Aasta tagasi
What kind of blade are you using on your chop saw?
Lamine gaming
Lamine gaming Aasta tagasi
Minute 4.53 hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
cesar Aasta tagasi
Ho Bui
Ho Bui Aasta tagasi
Cavinta Eduardo
Cavinta Eduardo Aasta tagasi
2AR Tactical Custom Guns
2AR Tactical Custom Guns Aasta tagasi
You are a metal master!
Mustafa İsmet Ulugöl
Mustafa İsmet Ulugöl Aasta tagasi
good job
Tailss1 Aasta tagasi
I'm hoping you will not be finding this thing under powered when you are finished and it barely moves. Leave room for different engine if possible.
Giacomo Lavino
Giacomo Lavino Aasta tagasi
Wanted Donny....😢🙏🏼👈🏼
José Vieira
José Vieira Aasta tagasi
Boa noite e o restante do vídeo
Eduardo Pous
Eduardo Pous Aasta tagasi
15 ????
Mark Hall
Mark Hall Aasta tagasi
Poltsamaa Sinep? Molto explosivo, mas delicioso. Now I'm wanting some hot dogs... damn!
Вадим Кузнецов
Вадим Кузнецов Aasta tagasi
...почему при сварке не используешь магнитные уголки, облегчил/бы себе работу😉..?!
Dallas Stack
Dallas Stack Aasta tagasi
You should add an air locker on that diff so you can lock the diff when going straight and unlock when turning.
Михаил Кузнецов 1977
Михаил Кузнецов 1977 Aasta tagasi
all right! only now I have closed the grease fittings which I previously embedded
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
I can access the grease fittings from the inside.
THE COLONEL Aasta tagasi
Nice CAD... But. Access to the grease zerks looks to be problematic.. would suggest that you install a remote fitting ,i e, a hose, to a more easily accessed location. about a foot and a half inboard would be enough, I think. one of those flexible grease gun hoses would work. 'Axe
Old Timer
Old Timer Aasta tagasi
Hey .... You have talent, so your intelligent.... SO..... WHERE IS YOUR WELDING MASK..... Poor Judgement. Your gonna get hurt.
Keith Craig
Keith Craig Aasta tagasi
I honestly think that it will float but the Rotax doesn't have enough grunt for it.
greywolf1708 Aasta tagasi
Hows the milling machine?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
It's waiting for it's turn.
z zzires
z zzires Aasta tagasi
i feel like those side pods around the bearing should be fuel tanks, just need to work out a way for the grease nipples to be accessed. otherwise i see them being just wasted space
Practical Lab
Practical Lab Aasta tagasi
Владислав Пилипков
Владислав Пилипков Aasta tagasi
Столько железа... Вес большой будет...
j4d3 goat
j4d3 goat Aasta tagasi
All of this **really** puts into perspective my little pop-riveted sheet-metal box in high-school metalwork back in the '70s........... :)
Amj ed
Amj ed Aasta tagasi
Gates should be placed for lubrication of the axle head and also for maintenance
Derpy Derp
Derpy Derp Aasta tagasi
4:53 dead fly outta no where
Marcos Antonio
Marcos Antonio Aasta tagasi
Joseph Gibson
Joseph Gibson Aasta tagasi
Bonjour Donn! Hello Donn! When you make your cut with the plasma cutter, you can maintain your guide with small magnets.;)
Dariuss Cheveresan
Dariuss Cheveresan Aasta tagasi
Like good job respekt 👍👍🔩🔨🔧
Miguel Benito Ibañez
Miguel Benito Ibañez Aasta tagasi
you have a very great job
Chris Schneider
Chris Schneider Aasta tagasi
Dang your meticulous! This thing is going to be a tank! Need a BFG1000 on a turret in the middle.
de Jaeger Simon
de Jaeger Simon Aasta tagasi
every time sad when it's the end of the video, not already! Well, there is nothing to do but wait for Friday
iamZAIRUL Aasta tagasi
Good job bro
Andrew Walsh
Andrew Walsh Aasta tagasi
People think that won't float? You probably have what 2sqm of water displacement there. Water weights 1000kg/sqm. So if that thing weights a couple hundred kilos, it gonna sit pretty high. If you need any help with calculations, lets me know.
Charles Fitton
Charles Fitton Aasta tagasi
So impressed with your work.....but I dont think that you will be too happy with those grease nipples...
Stéphane Lamarre
Stéphane Lamarre Aasta tagasi
I don't do this sort of things (more wood if you prefer) but won't it be a little tricky to put the wheel back with all the metal sheet around wheel axe ? i meen to but back the ball bering and the "nut" with the special key. before to weld all together for real maybe you should maybe test if. Thank you for this video serie, and the serie around the mobile bandsaw. Thank you very much.
Nick Aasta tagasi
plasma cutter makes way less of a mess and is more accurate but a normal torch doesnt require electricity and air. I prefer the plasma cutter for obvious reasons
flex2000watt Aasta tagasi
2mm is to much. This will be a tank. Use thinner steel for plates..dude i see the mustard...
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Nope, it'll float like a boat.
НАИЛЬ ВАЛИЕВ Aasta tagasi
Грязь складывать. Для большего веса.
Iustin Vascovici
Iustin Vascovici Aasta tagasi
Hai cu un video nou🖐️
Glen King
Glen King Aasta tagasi
Propeller? How about a jet from an old jet ski instead? Or a long tailed swamp motor?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
I want the propeller to be close to the body so it doesn't get damaged so quickly. We'll see.
Reverend TFG
Reverend TFG Aasta tagasi
*What I want to know is, where can I get some of that Poltsamaa Strong Mustard??? It sounds delicious!*
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
It is! Visit Estonia, then you'll have some!
Dan Currier
Dan Currier Aasta tagasi
Outstanding as all his work but this build is most inspirational. I so enjoy watching him turn a pile of old steel into what is art to me. A very talented and blessed young man he makes everything he determines that needs to be done interesting from very simple project to this masterpiece.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Thank you for the kind words and for watching the videos. I really appreciate it!
Nonya Bizness
Nonya Bizness Aasta tagasi
Next project: Plasma cutting table. 😬
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Yes, that would be very cool! 😉
Larry Bjork
Larry Bjork Aasta tagasi
Let's start by saying you have talent and then some. But with that skill build yourself a break for bending sheet metal and you will have less seems to weld. Great job, love the videos
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
I already have a sheet metal break / bender, not for this thick sheet metal though. Thanks for watching!
Jota Rider
Jota Rider Aasta tagasi
Great to watch you work!!!
Gedas Alekveravičius
Gedas Alekveravičius Aasta tagasi
What do you think of making of special flywheel, adding a clutch, and adaptor to this transmission, instead of CVT?
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann Aasta tagasi
your love with your anglegrinder has somewhat cooled off cheers from Germany
Hindrek Valmsen
Hindrek Valmsen Aasta tagasi
Tere.Mis firma keevitust kasutad?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Fronius, TransSteel 2700.
Aleš Zeman
Aleš Zeman Aasta tagasi
A- Z 💪👌🛠️ pěkná práce
Scott K
Scott K Aasta tagasi
Awesome!! It's really taking shape. These idiots commenting about weight don't understand 2 things: Our man Donn knows what he's doing, and the principle that buoyancy equals the weight of the water displaced. Many many vessels are made of steel because of that principle!!
OUKIVA Aasta tagasi
علي الشيخ
علي الشيخ Aasta tagasi
عمل رائع شكرا لك
Dunk Aasta tagasi
There’s one thing I do know. When you look away from the welding with no mask you don’t have to close your eyes. 😁. Keep up the good work 👍🏻
CoaSoft Aasta tagasi
Excellent show Donn. ji
Kevin Hornbuckle
Kevin Hornbuckle Aasta tagasi
fiberglass on foam core would add to floatation.
Denis Efremenko
Denis Efremenko Aasta tagasi
Мастерская у него просто огонь👍
Zortorond Aasta tagasi
I'm pretty sure it would float even if you'd triple the thickness of the sheet metal.
sgribb02 Aasta tagasi
Looking awesome!
مايسترو Aasta tagasi
You are a professor of welding, cutting and creative design. I wish you success, Professor
Keith Parady
Keith Parady Aasta tagasi
Damn good job
Coffieman5150 Aasta tagasi
Will you be including 'Flotation Foam' ,which we in USA can get from any marine (boat) supply store, in this build?
PacoWang Aasta tagasi
Man of many talents
Will Wade
Will Wade Aasta tagasi
I would put a point to attach a snatch block down low. Doing that will allow you to not only pull straight forward or backwards but also to lift up as you are pulling. That would be especially helpful if if bogged down and need to get the front/rear up because it would be pulling from a lower position.
Ananas Studio DIY
Ananas Studio DIY Aasta tagasi
i wish i had barn like yours :)
Jon McNabb
Jon McNabb Aasta tagasi
That is a freaking awesome plasma cutter! Dude you have both an incredible welder and plasma cutter. Color me Jealous
Dadtastic Skills
Dadtastic Skills Aasta tagasi
Very smart, he just added 200 pounds of extra buoyancy.
Guy Girard
Guy Girard Aasta tagasi
No suspension ? the frame will end up taking all the vibrations and impacts which = stress fractures over time and use. love the videos am just wondering if you had thought of that ?
К Якудза
К Якудза Aasta tagasi
Как ты будешь ремонтировать привода, профилактику наводить... Зачем приваривать наглухо там где не подлезешь.
Tõnu Aasta tagasi
В своих комментариях на английском он ответил на этот вопрос
К Якудза
К Якудза Aasta tagasi
@Tõnu тебе откуда знать
Tõnu Aasta tagasi
все хорошо продумано, будьте уверены!
Алекс рус
Алекс рус Aasta tagasi
Нихрена не понял чего мужик такое строит? Он столько металла вгоняет в конструкцию что его к моменту завершения строительства только на скальный грунт можно будет выпускать
vik dsa
vik dsa Aasta tagasi
Je me félicite de m'être abonné à votre chaîne ! Je regarde depuis le début ! Vraiment du beau travail , et c'est fait intelligemment , bravo! ! Hâte de voir le prochain
Mr PredatorTM
Mr PredatorTM Aasta tagasi
Hi greetings from Poland
Duke Snyder
Duke Snyder Aasta tagasi
I wish I could weld half as good as you!!! Love your shop also!
arlin chaapel
arlin chaapel 11 місяців tagasi
Me too It would be great to have a shop like that
Bando Aasta tagasi
I keep wondering, why do you use that toothbrush and put such tiny minimal amount of lubricant/coolant when drilling? Is the fluid horribly expensive? I don’t get it? Everyone else I see use much more liberal amounts and their drills seem much cooler.
Tom Varnado
Tom Varnado Aasta tagasi
awesome project .can not wait to see the finished product.great job.
jlucasound Aasta tagasi
Just remember. Keep future maintenance and repairs in mind when welding panels around moving parts. If you are boxing in those rear sections for strength, you can put (clean, precise) holes in the panels for access and still maintain the structural integrity. Also reduces weight. Loving this build. I can't wait (but will have to) for the finished machine to be unveiled. I think the Sherp is going to have some competition!! The Sherp doesn't have a prop. Or Tracks! Or dual winches! It does have some big ass tires. Did you know the Sherp engine has less than 50 HP?! I think it is diesel. ;-)
jlucasound Aasta tagasi
You like that plasma cutter, don't you. I know you do. You run that like a champ.
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