Turning The Jackshaft - Band Sawmill Build #20

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Donn DIY

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Latest video: eepost.info/my/video/o2-LdnVnopKFuos.html
In this hopefully second-to-last episode of the homemade portable band sawmill build series I'm turning the jackshaft for the transmission to gear down the rpm from the petrol engine and electrical motor so the band wheel turns around 600 rpm as a result. Also finishing up the blade guards and mounts, and adding blade coolant / lube jugs. Everything is recycled or "temporarily borrowed" from other projects or from the scrap heap. Check it out! Thanks for watching!
Pomade - Silent Partner (EEpost Audio Library)

Danial Ayulef
Danial Ayulef 2 місяці tagasi
Osea si fuera traducido en español seria bueno si..
Сергей Ильин
Сергей Ильин 4 місяці tagasi
how powerful is the engine?
Lottung 17
Lottung 17 7 місяців tagasi
Hi..donn . How many HP ur engine
Philipp Koller
Philipp Koller 10 місяців tagasi
Have you got plans for this?
Philipp Koller
Philipp Koller 9 місяців tagasi
How can I get these?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
I have partial plans for it.
Joseph Reese
Joseph Reese 10 місяців tagasi
9:41. When the hell did the word aluminum get an extra I put in it. It's Al-oom-I-num not Al-oo-min-E-um. I have been hearing this "alumunium" version of the word aluminum all over the place and it is annoying. It's like one person said it on the internet and now everybody seems to have adopted this way of saying a word that does not exist. It's things like this along with stuff like the No Child Left Behind program in our school systems nowadays, that are making our youth Dumber by the generation. Please people learn proper English and the proper way to enunciate words and don't try to embellish on or change the way things are in order to make them sound more scientific or cool. People don't sound cool or smart when you do this, it makes you sound stupid. Now I'm sure with the capabilities of being able to build a project like the one you're building here, you're not stupid. So quit being like the "sheeple" in today's society and please speak English the way it is phonetically to be heard.
Audrey Green-hite
Audrey Green-hite 10 місяців tagasi
I've been working on crap for years. Wish I had even one tenth of this guy's ability Luca
Clyde Balcom
Clyde Balcom Aasta tagasi
A fellow human cartoon character? Excellently Awesome Dude!
GERMAN EVGENY Aasta tagasi
За твоё трудолюбие ставлю зачёт молодец !
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair Aasta tagasi
Your a credit to your generation. If you are poor then it is by your own hand to be so cause anyone with this talent could surely be a millrite. Millerites make very good money or pretty much name their wage when they can do all the things your capable of. I know now this is not your only build of machine or help. I wish I could pack your water
Andrew Peck
Andrew Peck Aasta tagasi
THUNDER!!!! you've been THUNDER-STRUCK!!!
Edwin Rodas
Edwin Rodas Aasta tagasi
You are the best 💪🏻
Soares Silva
Soares Silva Aasta tagasi
Hello friend.. Congratulalions on the projecto!! What is the Power of the Gasoline Engineering??
David Allen
David Allen Aasta tagasi
Donn, I may have missed something so could you explain the reason behind the electric motor? I doubt very seriously anyone could buy a better mill. Good Job!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Electric motor will be the primary power source when the sawmill gets under the roof. Petrol engine will be for mobile use.
نايف سعد
نايف سعد Aasta tagasi
ارجال فنان مثلي 👍
niklar55 Aasta tagasi
Donn You should not weld without protective lenses. Even if you turn you head away, UV reflects of the surroundings, but you cant see it. However, it will still damage the retinas in your eyes. I worked as a fabrication welder, building industrial lifts, and my eyes got the UV itch, from other peoples welding reflecting back into my eyes. I did some stick welding, many years ago, and, being a hot summer, took off my shirt. I got some nasty UV burn on my stomach, but definitely no tan, just blistering. Welding UV is nasty stuff!
puttesla intxtbks
puttesla intxtbks 2 aastat tagasi
Nice work. Thanks for taking the time and effort to share it with us.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Cheers, thanks for taking the time to watch it. I appreciate it! :)
Анатолий Борисов
Анатолий Борисов 2 aastat tagasi
Я очень восхищён твоим имением.молодец
a d godbee
a d godbee 2 aastat tagasi
Delightfully presented! Humor takes away a rather hum-drum activity. Do some more if you can come up with some. I'm 83y 6 m and 15 days old; so you might get a clue why I enjoy watching! It makes me wonder where you get all the various tools so quickly. . . Oh, well that's the Internet. Now back to the video!
BLACK FINGER 2 aastat tagasi
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk thunder! kkkkkk best job my brother
Norman 2 aastat tagasi
like to see the final mill in action, is it out there ?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Working on the video as we speak. ;)
Baron Clime
Baron Clime 2 aastat tagasi
Sweet job. That beast is coming together nice.
philip Berube
philip Berube 2 aastat tagasi
Hope you paint it before first use,and I'm meaning the whole mill not just what you made in this video
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
I will use it first and then paint it on the sawdust. :D I will actually use it first since I want to work out the bugs which it probably will have or has already that I don't know of. I will add and remove parts, cut and weld some more and then clean it all up and paint it. In the future. :D
prancstaman 2 aastat tagasi
Your great grand kids are going to have to change those bearings. Can you imagine what they will be saying when they find out how hard it will be, LOL.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
I'm not sure if by that time cutting trees from the forest and milling them on the sawmill is allowed here in Europe. :D So this sawmill will end up in a landfill or in scrap metal melted down for skeletons of A.I. probably. :D
Redneck Mfg.
Redneck Mfg. 2 aastat tagasi
I Love watching this baby come together !!!! You are an Amazing Fabricator... I love the metal surplus in the field... I know what that's all about when I was Building My air powered Punkin Chunker - ( Chunk'n-ology ) That material is truly needed for a build of this size (although my wife didn't think so... LOL)... You will be cutting Planks in no time now !!!! Again, Awesome Build... Glad I could be here to watch it from the beginning...
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Yes, I've had the same discussion with my significant other about the scrap heap(s). :D But can't build things without scrap. Thanks for sticking around for that long. Sorry for not finishing this thing up sooner. :)
Mohammad Harb
Mohammad Harb 2 aastat tagasi
you are the best , do you have video #21
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Cheers! I'm working on shooting material for the video #21. Hopefully I'll get it uploaded in the end of this week. Stay tuned!
Soul Brother's
Soul Brother's 2 aastat tagasi
cant wait to see that saw mill in action
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
You and me both buddy!
try duck
try duck 2 aastat tagasi
What have you done to keep the height after you have raised/lowered the saw head? What are you using to hold it once you have adjusted your height? I have been wanting to change home built saw mill to the way yours is but been trying to figure out how you could keep it from free wheeling. I was thinking of just using the shaft assembly out of a automatic 800lb hand winch without the drum and making that the shaft to turn for raise/lowering. Just add a sprocket onto the shaft instead of it turning the spool drum. Just wanted to ask you how you have done yours.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
I will try to cut wood without a saw head locking mechanism at first, I will make a height adjustment system but for the crank handle itself which only supports the saw head from top but doesn't lock it to the carriage. The saw head is really heavy so I don't think it will start floating. If it wants to do that then there's something wrong with blade alignment. I will add the locking mechanism afterwards though.
Todd Bearden
Todd Bearden 2 aastat tagasi
I really enjoy watching you create and the initiative. we are kind of a like in a few ways I have been cutting my hair for more than 25 years and my life's been about building and creating. I don't build my own tools as I do not need the type of tools you do. Again I really enjoyed your work and I love that shot you gave of the rain coming down and your trees with the little path walkway leading up to your garage I assume. Keep up the good work Boss Donn
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
I'm glad you enjoyed it, yes that's my garage driveway. ;) Thanks for watching!
El Rayo X
El Rayo X 2 aastat tagasi
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
TheCoryplamondon 2 aastat tagasi
I love watching an artist
James Eggerth
James Eggerth 2 aastat tagasi
Looks like it should be strong jack shaft.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
I hope so too.
La Malbaie
La Malbaie 2 aastat tagasi
1:02 haha😎
Pierre Flamand
Pierre Flamand 2 aastat tagasi
Nice to see the build so advanced now. I am sure you will succeed to the upper most of your expectations. By the way I like your sens of humor...Piece of cake it is!:) Your resilience will get you there.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Yes, that sucker was on tight! But getting the pulley off of there was worth it.
Joodar Alapaev
Joodar Alapaev 2 aastat tagasi
Rens Lenferink
Rens Lenferink 2 aastat tagasi
Are you going to paint the sawmill?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Not in the nearest future, there's still probably modifications to be made and I want to thoroughly test it before any paint.
Paulo Costa
Paulo Costa 2 aastat tagasi
4:47 - looking this way it look like MadMax motorcycle! hahaha!
Will Wade
Will Wade 2 aastat tagasi
Yeah, A concrete cake!
Dave Mendelsohn
Dave Mendelsohn 2 aastat tagasi
Very impressive... Fine engineering...
Z71Ranger 2 aastat tagasi
Nice Work... Thank You for Posting These Videos...
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Thank you for watching!
Marion Makarewicz
Marion Makarewicz 2 aastat tagasi
Who needs a shaper or a mill? Just weld a bead on to it. I think that should be your official motto! And pulling off those pulleys. I feel for you. One of the most frustrating things I have ever done in my life was try to pull a steering wheel off an old runabout fiberglass boat. I was putting a nice oak dashboard in and putting all new gauges in. Had everything ready but took a weekend to get the dang steering wheel off the steering shaft. I have since learned to buy or make tools to do special projects like this, even if I have to use it once. Still beats a heart attack or a day of cursing and fuming. Learning so much from your build. Getting close.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
I spent an entire morning to get that pulley off of that shaft. It was quite frustrating. Thus the big hammer! :D I bet the steering wheel was on there tight due to salty water?
OLD DAWG DREAMING 2 aastat tagasi
WOW, you are getting closer to the end of this build. Can't wait to see it in action but I'll be patient until then ;) Sure enjoy watching you build things, you teach a lot along the way. Keep up the good work and thanks so much for sharing. Back to dreaming for me.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Cheers, man. I'm sure that building this sawmill from the end of January and watching videos of this build since that time one has to be patient. I've done it over a long period of time but I kinda expected that. It's my first rodeo on these subjects, both building a band sawmill and the portability of it. So I'm learning as I do it. New time consuming experience for me.
MAXIMILIANO PAVEZ 2 aastat tagasi
Hola donn DIY
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
greggy weggy
greggy weggy 2 aastat tagasi
What's not to love about your video's?
AFH Projects
AFH Projects 2 aastat tagasi
That's a freaking awesome. Can't wait the first milling with it. Satisfying videos! 💪
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
I can't wait either, hopefully I can test it next week. That is if I'm productive enough. :D
Eye Toldyoosso
Eye Toldyoosso 2 aastat tagasi
Wow getting it done fast man...;-p
Mike Lamothe Sr.
Mike Lamothe Sr. 2 aastat tagasi
Your talents are many and your planning is amazing. One very handsome project. Mike
jakobv8 2 aastat tagasi
Awesome build you've got going on, can't wait to see it in action. I imagine it would be a lot of fun to sit down for a couple of beers with you. Keep up the good work, much appreciated.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
As an introverted and usually a quiet person I start talking after couple of beers. And the topics tend to be more on the taboo side of the spectrum. Just saying. :D
michael mccartin
michael mccartin 2 aastat tagasi
Like the ACDC reference! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, and the saw is coming along nicely!
Mr IMBUS 2 aastat tagasi
Awesome video i Like it 👌 Great Job man 👍👌😀👌♥️👍 ♥️👍👌😀
Graham Cross Sr
Graham Cross Sr 2 aastat tagasi
Graham from Canada you are a freakin genius
nick d
nick d 2 aastat tagasi
Damn good job my friend
Everton Raimundo
Everton Raimundo 2 aastat tagasi
Андрей Ярославцев
Андрей Ярославцев 2 aastat tagasi
joe volk
joe volk 2 aastat tagasi
Looking good bud.
Titan Studios
Titan Studios 2 aastat tagasi
Yes, another portable sawmill build series !! Keep up the hard work and can't wait to see the next video. Your videos have inspired me to learn to wield and I got a job at a body shop to learn more skills !!!
Titan Studios
Titan Studios 2 aastat tagasi
Donn DIY thank you very much !!!!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Cool, I'm sure your motivation will be greatly appreciated in that body shop. I wish you a satisfying career in the steel working industry!
Ted Bownas
Ted Bownas 2 aastat tagasi
The belt looks rather short. Are you going to slide the engine to tension it, or use a tensioner pulley?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
The belt should be fine, it's not the final belt though. Just found some old one and decided to use it for mock-up. I'm gonna slide the engine and the electric motor to tension the belt.
Darin Bicknell
Darin Bicknell 2 aastat tagasi
ACDC and welding wooo!
Mxrider2stroke Braaap
Mxrider2stroke Braaap 2 aastat tagasi
Great job👌 this thing is going to last for like 200 years, because of the great quality;D
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
I wish! :D
Douga57 2 aastat tagasi
It's coming along nicely, new motor by the looks
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Yup, I have a video in this series on this engine alone. Got a great deal on it and decided to buy it.
Илья Кузнецов
Илья Кузнецов 2 aastat tagasi
очень очень интересные у тебя видео
Wayne Crews
Wayne Crews 2 aastat tagasi
It’s looking PRET-TY GOOD so far. I had forgotten that you were planning for it to be dual powered. Such a great idea when you are close enough to line voltage and likely a heck of a lot quieter to run on electricity.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
I'm gonna run it mostly on electricity when stationed at home, but I think having a petrol engine on it is a good idea too when going straight into the woods for an example to cut some heavy big diameter hardwood that I can't drag or haul with the ATV.
Mark Fryer
Mark Fryer 2 aastat tagasi
Donn I have been meaning to comment about your wetting down your fresh hot welds. It is my understanding that doing so will embrittle the welds increasing the likelihood of premature weld failure. If you need to cool a weld down quickly then blowing compressed air over the weld is the best option apart from letting them cool naturally. Trying to help you, not commenting just to be critical.
mossturn01 2 aastat tagasi
What alloy? This was built out of scrap and mild steel welding wire. What about the cold mig gas blowing into the weld pool? Comment on something you know about, and leave the welding to people who actually do it.
Da Os
Da Os 2 aastat tagasi
any rapid cooling - air or water - of hot welds isn't a great idea if you want to avoid brittleness and distortion. but it does depend on the alloy, more carbon = more risk
mossturn01 2 aastat tagasi
As long as it's at black heat and not red heat, it's OK.
louis hsarmh
louis hsarmh 2 aastat tagasi
Awesome 👏
MrHotbulldozer 2 aastat tagasi
O man... I wanna see you saw lumber whit that mill, SO FREAKING BAD!!! :-)
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
You and me both, buddy!
Marc Carpenter
Marc Carpenter 2 aastat tagasi
My OCD is fine because you made the gap the same on both sides. ;-)
Todd Bearden
Todd Bearden 2 aastat tagasi
Donn DIY it's not called a gap or a crack. It's called a seam : D
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Ah, sh*t, that makes me realize I misused the word "crack" again. :D
Ron 2 aastat tagasi
I'd bet the few dislikes are from people who built one already and wished they had watched your series first. Poor saps.
dbsquickstep 2 aastat tagasi
Ron iiii iiiiiZiiii
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Hahaa! By no means is this the best mill there is, but it's the best mill for me for sure. I like to save money even by not going to the hairdresser and cutting my own hair so that should say something about me and my projects. :D
J-Hawks 2 aastat tagasi
Excellent work, can't wait to see it cutting timber.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Me neither. It's time to do some work with it already! :D
Charles Bynum
Charles Bynum 2 aastat tagasi
How much do you have in your sawmill $$$ that is I'm fixing to build my own saw mill in August,my buddy said he can build 1 for 1200 dollars
Charles Bynum
Charles Bynum 2 aastat tagasi
try duck thank ya sir for the information
try duck
try duck 2 aastat tagasi
I built mine as he did , however it was new steel .Even with buying from Amish welding place (was A LOT cheaper getting steel from them then any other place as much as half the cost a foot plus 10% off that even if I got full sections) steel alone can easily run 500-800 just by itself for just a 4ft wide 6 ft tall 4 post carriage.Now I am including steel for my 20ft log bed also.The new 14hp Kohler engine runs about $500 (you can get new B&S 14hp for 400 too but I wanted Kohler) but as much as 1k depending on the greed of seller.Then the clutch is another 70-100. If you buy the band guide rollers thats another $250. The bearings could really cost depending on which brand/type you buy but there are cheap ones out there. I did not use tires I went with 18.75" band wheel pullies which will set you back at least 150 plus the B56 belts to go on them. So its very easy to sink $1500 into a band saw mill before even getting started building it, but then again when you see the prices of woodmizer/Northern/Cooks.... you really feel accomplished having built it yourself and get to use something you've built.It tends to help much better building it yourself when it comes to adjustments and running it. Dont forget about mix gas too if your using mig welder , that was $26 for each bottle swap out. I think I went through at least one and half bottles and 2 - 11lb spools which were about $30 each.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
I haven't calculated the overall cost for the materials yet (I do have all the receipts for the purchases etc) but 1200 $ sounds like a good deal if it's the total cost of the sawmill including both materials and labor, especially when new "brand" sawmills cost a fortune.
Troye Stonich
Troye Stonich 2 aastat tagasi
Piece of cake, bro
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Exactly! :D
يارب يارب
يارب يارب 2 aastat tagasi
Very cool
Андрей Дятел
Андрей Дятел 2 aastat tagasi
Ты просто молодчина! Жду не дождусь тестирования твоего изделия! Не пойми превратно,но очень интересно было бы увидеть кто ты в домашнем быту,где работаешь, кто твоя семья,место где живешь! А то во всех твоих роликах только ты и твои золотые руки! Крепкого тебе здоровья!
Андрей Дятел
Андрей Дятел 2 aastat tagasi
Спасибо! И еще раз здоровья! Жду следующее видео! Напиши модель своего квадроцикла!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Спасибо. Я тоже не могу дождаться, чтобы проверить лесопилку. Не беспокойся. Я интровертированный человек, поэтому в домашней жизни нет видео. Спасибо за просмотр!
TomsDreamshop Worx
TomsDreamshop Worx 2 aastat tagasi
Not too shabby!
madox76 2 aastat tagasi
Epic levels of GIT R' "DONN"!!!
Анатолий Халматов
Анатолий Халматов 2 aastat tagasi
Raks Electric
Raks Electric 2 aastat tagasi
Another satisfying awesome build. Awesome work keep it up (:
Guust 2 aastat tagasi
Awesome 👍👍😎
Simon B.
Simon B. 2 aastat tagasi
Lion Hans
Lion Hans 2 aastat tagasi
MR. NVC Restoration
MR. NVC Restoration 2 aastat tagasi
Best job
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