Skid Steer Loader Forklift Attachment Fabrication

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Donn DIY

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Latest video:
Fabricating a custom forklift attachment for my mini skid steer loader. This is for loading anything I need, primarily however for relocating the firewood crates I'm about to build that I'm gonna use in conjunction with my homemade firewood processor. Why this little GEHL 1620 loader? It is small enough so it can fit in my workshop / machine shop and in the barn so I can work on it or unload cargo that I mainly need in the workshop. Also when I start demolishing the barn floor I can use the same loader with hydraulic hammer attachment to break the concrete and later use the bucket to clean up the concrete. I sorely remember doing this work by hand in my machine shop. The forks I use in this video for the forklift attachment are bought. They are old but unused. To create the forklift attachment I'm welding together one big and two smaller pieces of heavy duty steel sheet, adding some attachment points and that's about it. Now this loader is more versatile and with no heavy expenses. This project cost me around 200 EUR altogether.
Check out my other videos on my channel page:
#donndiy #homemade #firewood
Pomade - Silent Partner (EEpost Audio Library)
Welding equipment borrowed from Spetselektroodi AS, Estonia:
Fronius TransSteel 2700 welder
Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet
Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP plasma cutter

Donn DIY
Donn DIY 6 місяців tagasi
Firewood processor build series: Check out my other videos on my channel page: Welding equipment borrowed from Spetselektroodi AS, Estonia: Fronius TransSteel 2700 welder Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP plasma cutter
mateyo rc
mateyo rc 5 місяців tagasi
Where are you donn ! We miss you !
stingme 6 місяців tagasi
For that wheel base isn't the load on higher side? I mean you have to be cautious lifting softly. If there's an aggresive lift, with that base it might topple.
As it Should Be
As it Should Be 6 місяців tagasi
nice man!
Marcel Gérin
Marcel Gérin 22 tundi tagasi
VERY clever !!! hard working -- but very well equipped in the workshop ! I Like your videos and your making's !!!!
myfaceback100 2 päeva tagasi
great job simple design and well build it look like it will last for years i like the quick release for the forks as the ones I have see use bolts to hold them
Dave Krawczyk
Dave Krawczyk 17 päeva tagasi
Great video ...very informative. In the process of making my own fork attachment.
Гараж для души Америка с ЯМЗом для работы
Гараж для души Америка с ЯМЗом для работы 17 päeva tagasi
Отлично 👍👍
gavin sutherland
gavin sutherland 25 päeva tagasi
Constant source of inspiration. Nice work!
Сергей Сапрыгин
Сергей Сапрыгин 29 päeva tagasi
Класс! вы где живете? у вас во дворе стоит русское авто жигули)))) 1Й МОДЕЛИ. ИЛИ ЭТО ФИАТ?
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell Місяць tagasi
Great build! Nice and strong !
Марк Прокоп
Марк Прокоп Місяць tagasi
Отличная работа ! Человек достоин уважения !!! Столько всего зделал Мастер с большой буквы .ВСЕ СУПЕР !!!
sir robert
sir robert Місяць tagasi
your wearing open toe shoes omg
Luther Blankenship
Luther Blankenship 2 місяці tagasi
Line the bucket up corner to corner less spills off sides
Mar Ka
Mar Ka 2 місяці tagasi
Järgmine video tee ise jämedamad hüdrosilindrid sellele tõstukile , siis saad suured palgid kah ära tõstetud :)
jason hollis
jason hollis 2 місяці tagasi
Nice steel toe boots 😅
Aaron Moritz
Aaron Moritz 2 місяці tagasi
Good video skills. Lots of angles. Text commentary is a plus as well.
Kaleb Jordan
Kaleb Jordan 2 місяці tagasi
Should put a pair of boots on
Mark Sleeper
Mark Sleeper 2 місяці tagasi
Wow kudos on the fab work and welding
RustyNail 3 місяці tagasi
Better watch whering those flip flops while working with heavy steel.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 місяці tagasi
Николай Мороз
Николай Мороз 3 місяці tagasi
На это не возможно смотреть.
Durin Greyowl
Durin Greyowl 3 місяці tagasi
This would be good for a larger skid steer. Seems a bit heavy for this small one.
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas 3 місяці tagasi
You need to put tracks on that!!
Chris Healey
Chris Healey 3 місяці tagasi
Hooked on your channel mate! Your'e the sort of fella that could fix anything with a length of wet string and a half dead battery! Take it easy Chris in England.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 3 місяці tagasi
David Handley
David Handley 3 місяці tagasi
Nice safety slippers! 😂😂
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 3 місяці tagasi
Gary Tuttle
Gary Tuttle 3 місяці tagasi
iTeerRex 4 місяці tagasi
The cnc plasma cutter you are building, should make fabrications like this much easier faster and more fun.
toni perez
toni perez 5 місяців tagasi
Watch out for those fingers 1:39 ... hahaha
ВЛАДИМИР ШАХМА 5 місяців tagasi
niklar55 5 місяців tagasi
The fork assembly must take up about half of the load capacity of the loader. Perhaps a big chunk of concrete slab on the back would help to counter balance it out. [Plus an increase in tire pressures, maybe.]
CPUDOCTHE1 5 місяців tagasi
I thought my son was the captain of overkill. He built a fork frame for his skid steer. It is made of 2x2x1/4" tubing frame and has 3/8x3" strap for the forks to mount on. His skid steer is 2200 lb lift and 4400 lb tip and has not had any problems.
RCAFpolarexpress 5 місяців tagasi
Good day Sir👍 Great work on your forks !👍 Cheers 🌞
Annox Annox
Annox Annox 5 місяців tagasi
Hoakuroija 5 місяців tagasi
It seems to miss a hook at the back so you could tie stuff or use a lifting chain easily
HẢI NGỐ TVgo 6 місяців tagasi
Can you teach me a trick?
HẢI NGỐ TVgo 6 місяців tagasi
So outstanding
The_Cushy_Geek 6 місяців tagasi
pas de nouvelle vidéo cette semaine ?
mateyo rc
mateyo rc 6 місяців tagasi
C'est bizarre il en sort une tous les week ends...
mateyo rc
mateyo rc 6 місяців tagasi
No videos this weekend ?
علي الشيخ
علي الشيخ 6 місяців tagasi
عمل رائع شكرا لك اخي
Oby-1 6 місяців tagasi
You have reached the limits of your machine. Start adding weights to the rear and you may start bending or cracking things. Sometimes we have to be happy with what we have. Forklift attachment is a good add-on.
Rak Vere
Rak Vere 6 місяців tagasi
Härra, kus on turvajalanõud? Muidu väga vinge! Keep up the good work! 👍🏻
TTBT 6 місяців tagasi
Why does remind me of scenes from Cars? lol
steve kuykendall
steve kuykendall 6 місяців tagasi
Excellent build, I've been looking for videos on this for a spear for large bales of hay. You might consider adding some sort of stop at the edges of the large plate to keep the forks from sliding off; I wouldn't want the fork to land on those Estonian safety shoes you sport at the beginning of the video! :)
ЖИВУ В ДЕРЕВНЕ 6 місяців tagasi
Дак а чо не показал, как переворачиваешь этот куб с дровами?
Scruffywelder 6 місяців tagasi
Think that's kinda overbuilt for a little skidsteer... I'd be happy to stick a set of Manitou brackets on that and use it on my telehandler!
Marko Järvinen
Marko Järvinen 6 місяців tagasi
Cool! You having a bucket from Redskaparna. A company from my hometown.,😀
Stuart S
Stuart S 6 місяців tagasi
Great job
Airfab 01
Airfab 01 6 місяців tagasi
Those steel toed slides you’re wearing will keep you limber dodging sparks and slag while you’re welding 😳😂
Wayne Frerichs
Wayne Frerichs 6 місяців tagasi
love the channel, nice work. but How come you need so much wood?
Peter Vonavka
Peter Vonavka 6 місяців tagasi
Awesome job. Make some removable counter weights for when you carry heavy loads.
August Kling
August Kling 6 місяців tagasi
Shoes? 1:22
TERRORoftheLORD 6 місяців tagasi
If you have the choice between 1/4" and 3/8" .... use 1/2"! Nice job!
chara dremur
chara dremur 5 місяців tagasi
Lol yeah
Bob Powers
Bob Powers 6 місяців tagasi
Very clever. You could lighten your fork assembly, with some strategically placed, large holes in the frame. It's clearly way stronger than needed for your demands, so some 6cm holes in the base plate would cut it's heft considerably.
waterup380 6 місяців tagasi
If you are going to had weights and stuff it's time to upgrade to a bigger machine. But it's your choice to shave a smaller machine
tehnokrati-технократы 6 місяців tagasi
Perfekt! You do the right things! This problem (remove splitted firewood) is actual for me as well. I will show our hydraulic wood splitter later. P.S. I see Nova milling machine works on your workshop. Nice!
nutwiss 6 місяців tagasi
For the low cost of used 1T IBC crates (c.€60) , you'd be better off using those than fabricating your own, if you can. Just add some weight to your baby skid steer.
Ivan Kennedy
Ivan Kennedy 6 місяців tagasi
Love the vids. You should make the crates low enough to put right under your new cutter/splitter. Then you would have a cutter/splitter/loader.
Tobias Bostwick
Tobias Bostwick 6 місяців tagasi
Nice job Sir! And as always, quite clever.
Mark paulene
Mark paulene 6 місяців tagasi
Hi donn, just like to say I like watching you play about with things because you never know what your coming up with next, as regards to your workmanship it’s spot on no faults at all, would trust it all day long so keep up the great work and look forward to seeing what’s made next. Maybe a tank? You never know with you. Mark uk
D Briggs
D Briggs 6 місяців tagasi
Nice job.
Kevin Sabins
Kevin Sabins 6 місяців tagasi
I like the safety flip flops! I use camouflage crocks in my shop.... good work Donny keep it up
chara dremur
chara dremur 5 місяців tagasi
Socks and flops. Works inside my shop. Socks and flips in my shop. Lol
ian haggart
ian haggart 6 місяців tagasi
Please not in flippin flip-flops 😳😞😳😳😳 all I see I pain in the whole video. 😣
ian haggart
ian haggart 6 місяців tagasi
Granted only in a small part of video. But 😕
Александр Гончаров
Александр Гончаров 6 місяців tagasi
Nic Komes
Nic Komes 6 місяців tagasi
Nice work👍
Кубан Джийдебаев
Кубан Джийдебаев 6 місяців tagasi
aa999xyz 6 місяців tagasi
nice idea but I think the metal you used was too thick for that size of machine probably good 20% or more of your load lifting capacity. Thanks for another good video
Kalle 6 місяців tagasi
U made the forks to heavy, didnt need to be that sturdy for ur machine, u could have lifted more if the forks weighed less
Charles Little
Charles Little 6 місяців tagasi
To Quote "a fellow named diamond Dave the angle of the dangle is most important and controlling the angle at which you lift on the load is very important
Freakingstang 6 місяців tagasi
Nice work. If it only lifts 900lbs, why did you make it 500+ lbs? Loaders with 5k lb lift capacity aren’t built that heavy duty
Roberto Zalazar
Roberto Zalazar 6 місяців tagasi
David Casper
David Casper 6 місяців tagasi
Has EEpost allowed you to buy new equipment for your shop? You've got some great tools to work with.
Rock Fish
Rock Fish 6 місяців tagasi
Im gussing you built the fork lift too?
Bobcat 843
Bobcat 843 6 місяців tagasi
Oh yeah great job
Bobcat 843
Bobcat 843 6 місяців tagasi
I'm using speakers/magnets plus body building weights.i have a hitch receiver welded on bottom back.thats what the weights rest on .the ball gone got a bolt holding weights
Andrew Browner
Andrew Browner 6 місяців tagasi
how are the log tongs/grapple you mad a video for working out? about to make my own and recommended changes or follow that design for a smooth working unit
Baaziga J
Baaziga J 6 місяців tagasi
Epic, I see no reason why you can't remove the the rear backing plate. And weld the quick attachment stuff on the fork guide plates. This may give you bit more lifting capacity.
John Barham
John Barham 6 місяців tagasi
Always travel with the load as low as possible.
thebad300 6 місяців tagasi
way overly made for that small of a skid steer you need to lighten it up to get back some lifting capacity
Lloyd Prunier
Lloyd Prunier 6 місяців tagasi
I need one of those! I was a rough terrain fork lift operator in the Army while in Vietnam and have always wished I had one to use of my own. A small one like this would be perfect. I have tried using my garden tractor hydraulic 3 point hitch to lift with a single pipe fork, but the cross bar that links to the lift is not strong enough and gets a permanent twist. It's not really worth modifying it because it's just not meant to do the things I find I need to do.
Jonathan Martine
Jonathan Martine 6 місяців tagasi
Live your safety shoes 😁 nice job
anothermansfrys 6 місяців tagasi
yep 900# minus the 300# fork attachment equals 600#'s. awesome job...
Christian Alegre
Christian Alegre 6 місяців tagasi
De qué potencia es la soldador mig . Por qué para cocer estos espesores. No es broma . Tenés que tener una buena herramienta. Si no ? No lo sueldas! Sueldas ni borracho . Saludos a todos ustedes y desde argentina 🇦🇷👷👍🏼😉
TheCrookHook 6 місяців tagasi
Damn I love watching your videos. Always impressed. Nice work!
I reckon I can build that
I reckon I can build that 6 місяців tagasi
Pretty cool! Love your builds! A few people here suggesting a weight pack on the rear, what about a lift to carry another crate? Even a set of forks on sliders that you winch up?
carl peters
carl peters 6 місяців tagasi
rear weight , wheel spacers , tracks , and your on your way great job again .
Конструкторское Бюро ДИГРИЗ
Конструкторское Бюро ДИГРИЗ 6 місяців tagasi
отличная работа!!в хозяйстве будет не лишним
Val Timonte Jr
Val Timonte Jr 6 місяців tagasi
Excellent job. I am doing the same thing fo my Walden. Same as your Gheil only older. I added counterweights under the engine. I'm not sure about building crates when the tank ones are readily available. 300# of weight is added and it handles over 1000# in the bucket. Keep up the good work.
Richard Clemence
Richard Clemence 6 місяців tagasi
Have to build some bolt on weights for the rear now!!
Lenny F
Lenny F 6 місяців tagasi
How much firewood do you go through in a year?
Hasan Jackie
Hasan Jackie 6 місяців tagasi
Thank you, brother ... You like what you make and assemble anything. sister, thank you very much, brother, who has made my brother eager to always study and want to be like kaka.
karel kasesalu
karel kasesalu 6 місяців tagasi
WGS-ZA 6 місяців tagasi
Flip flops and working with
WGS-ZA 6 місяців tagasi
Flip flops and working with
Nick Peterson
Nick Peterson 6 місяців tagasi
It's progress like these that make building things for yourself so satisfying... Good work
Путь Жизни Металлиста
Путь Жизни Металлиста 6 місяців tagasi
Жигули копейка ! 🚘
Данила 6 місяців tagasi
Не хватает рпотивовеса
Jaden Hawkins
Jaden Hawkins 6 місяців tagasi
Another idea is to build brackets to attach tractor weights to give you weight in the rear
bohhica1 6 місяців tagasi
You really don’t want to read my comment on the xtra weight added to an already overworked miniature skid steer. But I will give you a👍 ona great video, great job of welding also. Stay safe.👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Jaden Hawkins
Jaden Hawkins 6 місяців tagasi
I’m sure we’ll see him build steel tracks for it in the future
Ted Bownas
Ted Bownas 6 місяців tagasi
Your fork attachment will lift more than your loader, by a significant margin. Well done. Glad to see you changed from your safety skids to work boots before welding. I've burned holes in the top of a nylon shoe or two (and my foot) that way. 😂
Baron Clime
Baron Clime 6 місяців tagasi
A conveyor from the processor to the crates and maybe a door on the crates to make getting wood out easier and you should be set.
Michael 6 місяців tagasi
I have a similar skidsteer loader and by looks, the fork is about half the weight of yours.
Kerry Gleeson
Kerry Gleeson 6 місяців tagasi
Great job works well thanks for sharing 👍🇦🇺👀
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