Scrapping A Car For Parts - Tracked Amphibious Vehicle Build Ep. 2

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Scrapping our family car for parts for the homemade tracked amphibious all terrain vehicle - the engine threw a rod back in 2016 and now I can use the gearbox / differential, the half axles, brake rotors and calipers, maybe seats and so on for the amphibious vehicle build. Since the car has been sitting for a while now all the parts are even more rusted and hard to take apart than before. I'm also pulling the engine since I'm gonna take it apart and see exactly what went wrong inside even though the reason shows itself through the hole in the engine block. But it will be interesting to see mangled engine parts close-up in detail. The body of this 2001 Peugeot Partner is rotten as you see in the video - the hydraulic car jack wants to go through the bottom.
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Cody Schoonover
Cody Schoonover Місяць tagasi
Dude I love that swing arm winch powered cherry picker! Now I gotta have one hahaha
Деревня в городе
Деревня в городе 7 місяців tagasi
Вот это крутой прицеп! Хочу такой же!
Habib Afarin
Habib Afarin 8 місяців tagasi
Pete Miller
Pete Miller 8 місяців tagasi
Dude, you're an automotive surgeon! Keep up the amazing work. Cheers.
Вячеслав Малозёмов
Вячеслав Малозёмов 10 місяців tagasi
А где первый эпизод об этом вездеходе?
Вячеслав Малозёмов
Вячеслав Малозёмов 10 місяців tagasi
@Donn DIY thanks))
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 10 місяців tagasi
Patrick Kelvin
Patrick Kelvin 10 місяців tagasi
Belo projeto
Robert Moe
Robert Moe 10 місяців tagasi
I would love to watch everything you are doing but EEpost putting multiple ads in a 10 min video makes me skip to the next video. Complain to EEpost about their ad policy for more views.
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell 11 місяців tagasi
Leo P
Leo P 11 місяців tagasi
I wish I was doing more projects like this when I was younger! You are doing great. That motor oil looked so clean!
Nicolas a Czech ARMY
Nicolas a Czech ARMY 11 місяців tagasi
Um i dont think that these parts are cleaned that much and for your budget will be better if you clean them in diesel or gasoline than spraying them with Wd or whatever it is. But still giving thumbs up and pretty much enjoy your videos. They are so interesting for me and sometimes learn my self alot. Continue and wish you good luck.
j4d3 goat
j4d3 goat Aasta tagasi
New Zealander here - I'm **loving** this series! Looks like you're in a **beautiful** rural part of the country!
Jane Tizzy
Jane Tizzy Aasta tagasi
I am waiting to see him build a space ship from that pile of barn metal (about 8:0).
Max Ospreys
Max Ospreys Aasta tagasi
This guy is smart, he just need some high end good tools.
Thsachemba Sangtam
Thsachemba Sangtam Aasta tagasi
Matjaž Teran
Matjaž Teran Aasta tagasi
god damn slavs allways so crafty. good videos, i'm subscribing.
Филюс Юламанов
Филюс Юламанов Aasta tagasi
Хороший канал вы откуда?
александр карпенко
александр карпенко Aasta tagasi
и на продажу!
сергей чернышев
сергей чернышев Aasta tagasi
Хороший проект.
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt Aasta tagasi
And where is part 1 bro?, cant find it.
Concepcion Amancio
Concepcion Amancio Aasta tagasi
it's there bro...I just finished watching and now two...
Floatncoffee Aasta tagasi
Very cool little trailer
Asssd Sky
Asssd Sky Aasta tagasi
waht is your nationlry
Newt Smith
Newt Smith Aasta tagasi
I'm glad to see you blocked it up. I know several people that got squished under a car because there was no support. Rage on dude!
Sonc78 Aasta tagasi
Старый ржавый Пыж, но ни одного болта не сорвал ))) И масло свежее и шаровые ))
Sonc78 Aasta tagasi
@Alex AlexeevКулак дружбы в соседнем видео...
Aldi Alvianto
Aldi Alvianto Aasta tagasi
Mark Hall
Mark Hall Aasta tagasi
@ 8:15 Turbo mode! I do this too when I REALLY want to get something done!
Dmitry Vinshu
Dmitry Vinshu Aasta tagasi
В нашем лесу его бы комары заебали!
makan walo
makan walo Aasta tagasi
You are génois
кайрат сагитов
кайрат сагитов Aasta tagasi
Oil super)
Alcidene Ximenes
Alcidene Ximenes Aasta tagasi
viodeo very satisfactory!
Craig Monteforte
Craig Monteforte Aasta tagasi
Kind of makes it easy when you know you aren’t reassembling that car back to. Original or safety specs again by just Using bolt. Cutters and whatever to get to that specific part years ago. I bought a used engine from a wrecking yard. And thats how they had taken it out of the vehicle. For me which was fine as i had all the components on my engine i needed to install the replacement one i needed
die3e1 Aasta tagasi
А тормозной шланг открутить религия не позволила?
xalizco guanatos
xalizco guanatos Aasta tagasi
Is it finish ?
Ahmet Yıldırım
Ahmet Yıldırım Aasta tagasi
Arabanın kasası diri duruyot gönderde bizim kayınoederin motorunu ona taşıyalım bizimde kasa dökük))
Arnold Baclig
Arnold Baclig Aasta tagasi
Your so smart man awesome 👍👍👍
Польский Лев
Польский Лев Aasta tagasi
У нас бы на такой машине ёжики арбузы возили
Wayne Swicegood
Wayne Swicegood Aasta tagasi
Obviously a lot of road salt is used there.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
You have no idea. Maintaining a car here is PIA.
worknites Aasta tagasi
Your shop is nice and clean as it should be.
worknites Aasta tagasi
For a back yard mechanic skill is great and adaptive.
Максим Балахонов
Максим Балахонов Aasta tagasi
Круто !!! А что это будет ?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Гусеничный вездеход-амфибия.
Green Hat
Green Hat Aasta tagasi
Looks like Jason Bourne retired from CIA and work on the farm :)))
серый серый
серый серый Aasta tagasi
потом будет продават как новый запчасти намже))))))))))))))))))))))
TheBibliofilus Aasta tagasi
Typical French car, usually a nightmare to work on and if it gets wet it crumbles to rust mush.I guess the timing belt snapped and the engine went crazy and selfdestucted, happened several times to me prematurely on French cars...
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
You can see in the video me taking off a perfectly good timing belt. The connecting rod broke, that was the problem.
Sawmillmods dotcom
Sawmillmods dotcom Aasta tagasi
so you are building an argos style tracked machine?
Sawmillmods dotcom
Sawmillmods dotcom Aasta tagasi
@Donn DIY my friend built one like that and kept breaking axles cuzz the axles didnt float they were to ridgid
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
As far as 8 wheels and tracks go - yes. But I'm gonna build it without the high maintenance chain drive system Argos have.
Sawmillmods dotcom
Sawmillmods dotcom Aasta tagasi
have you figured out how long your tracks are going to be yet
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
I'm planning on using 8 car wheels - four on each side, the length of the track will be dictated by that.
anonymous Aasta tagasi
Are you Turkish 🇹🇷?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Estonian. 🇪🇪
Владимир Пикалов
Владимир Пикалов Aasta tagasi
Одно понял- это эстонский мародер!
Vyacheslav M
Vyacheslav M Aasta tagasi
Vyacheslav M
Vyacheslav M Aasta tagasi
giovanni petitti
giovanni petitti Aasta tagasi
Nuovo iscritto 👍
AFH Projects
AFH Projects Aasta tagasi
Happy 200K subscribers milestone! 😜🤘 GRAZY!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Thanks man!
marmold marmold
marmold marmold Aasta tagasi
Excelente 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🌎
Michael Teeple
Michael Teeple Aasta tagasi
Dam did your cv axle really just slide out. Seems every one I work on needs a slide hammer at least. I did have a Ford that liked to spit them out at will.
pit spirt
pit spirt Aasta tagasi
зачем ? ни хера не понял
Kevin Nisperos
Kevin Nisperos Aasta tagasi
Hug me back my friend
H3R3T1C Aasta tagasi
You probably couldn't have found a worse donor transmission than the one you stripped out of that car.
Magnetberg Aasta tagasi
But that car is not this one ?
Sean Matheney
Sean Matheney Aasta tagasi
You can add grease fittings to those transaxles and extend their life
Eurobeatmachinist Aasta tagasi
Or just open the rubber, add grease and reseal.
Redneck Mfg.
Redneck Mfg. Aasta tagasi
Well I too was confused as to where part 1 was... It must have been posted as unlisted ??? Moving on - I am really going to enjoy this build Cause I Love me some track Vehicles... Looking forward to this one for sure....
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Hey, part 1 is here:
dualsport rider
dualsport rider Aasta tagasi
Trans bell housing looks broken?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Yup, the conrod broke in half and bashed up the engine block including starter motor and transmission bell housing. But I'm gonna cut it off anyway.
John Stoddart
John Stoddart Aasta tagasi
Evan trulock jones
Evan trulock jones Aasta tagasi
Nice going donn will you use a cvt transmission between the engine and transmission. I was thinking about like that using a honda civic transmission and a runsun v twin turbo diesel. But I was thinking it might be a bit heavy combined for an off road buggy. I will be very interested to see how you develop your design further. Thank you for the awesome videos as always and inspiration.
Garnett McLay
Garnett McLay Aasta tagasi
Just curious why you cut the brake lines can use them for steering maybe you have something better ---- We`ll see .
Hey Donn, sure enjoying the ride along again. Getting to see the wood hauler at work, the new redone shop are to work in and all your fine wrangling of parts and fabrications ahead to complete the amphibious vehicle. Thanks for sharing with us.
nikolay nikolaev
nikolay nikolaev Aasta tagasi
New projekt cool!!!
The_Darkness_Knight Aasta tagasi
Next video sandblaster for removing rust keep up the good work
swampratt36 Aasta tagasi
What's the plan to make it direct drive with it being one wheel peel transaxle ? Just curious ,🤔👍👍
dannythetoesmasher Aasta tagasi
Been waiting for this.....more please.
علي الشيخ
علي الشيخ Aasta tagasi
عمل رائع
Vitor Madeira
Vitor Madeira Aasta tagasi
2:20 Great Scott! That oil is crystal clear!
Wayne Crews
Wayne Crews Aasta tagasi
Donn DIY. A man with a plan. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Борода xxL
Борода xxL Aasta tagasi
Мини трактор будет?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Stephen Geremia
Stephen Geremia Aasta tagasi
Cool! very interested how you will go about coupling the transmission to the 20hp v-twin. Specifically the amount of reduction and what type of clutch. V belts and pulleys? Chain Centrifugal clutch? The Stock Clutch and Flywheel? Similar two one of those 212cc predator trucks? I can see the steering being skid steering by having the break calipers on separate controls putting more power to one side or the other of the differential like a tractor or bulldozer. That power steering pump could run a hydraulic cylinder or two. Looking forward to seeing your solution!!
Rehoboth Farm
Rehoboth Farm Aasta tagasi
I bet he uses the brakes as brakes. Look at where a hummer's brakes are located.
prancstaman Aasta tagasi
The anticipation is building!!! :)
CurlyG65 Aasta tagasi
Going to be cool....
David E Stelter
David E Stelter Aasta tagasi
looks like fun!
TheDistur Aasta tagasi
You're going to get that nice clean workshop all dirty! :P
Neo Hack
Neo Hack Aasta tagasi
Part 3 out yet ?
Borkzilla Aasta tagasi
That feeling when the jack goes up, but the car stays put and the rust cascades down.
Weld Weld
Weld Weld Aasta tagasi
Can’t wait to see some more
ozdatman Aasta tagasi
Been waiting for this one.
arkansas13 Aasta tagasi
Keep everything going in the right direction, maybe go back and get the steering wheel? Thanks for the your great video editing efforts!!!!
Anton Konrad
Anton Konrad Aasta tagasi
that peugeot didnt age well
Robert Mailhos
Robert Mailhos Aasta tagasi
That's the Best thing to happen to a front drive vehicle make something else out of it 😄😄😄
Gee Dubb
Gee Dubb Aasta tagasi
Almost 200K subs dude! Yep haw!
Green Hat
Green Hat Aasta tagasi
215K now
Malcolm Porter
Malcolm Porter Aasta tagasi
Ain't that the van you put all that money in the front end with new bushings, bearings n disk brake system?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Diesel had more torque, better to tow things. Petrol is better for everyday driving. So both. 😀
Malcolm Porter
Malcolm Porter Aasta tagasi
@Donn DIY which would you rather have? Diesel or Petrol?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Nope, that is 1.6 petrol I repaired and it is still running. This one I dismantled is/was a 1.9 diesel.
Christofix Aasta tagasi
I'm looking forwar to the next video! This one reminds me when my motor was broken and i placed a new one myself.
Markus Nurmi
Markus Nurmi Aasta tagasi
Next episode, please.
Bobby Tectalabyss
Bobby Tectalabyss Aasta tagasi
I am really looking forward to more on this build. Thank you. Liked,Shared,Added to playlists. both part 1 and 2.All my best
Vlad2164 R
Vlad2164 R Aasta tagasi
This is very interesting project, you are best, I waiting next series!
rick tijssen
rick tijssen Aasta tagasi
Nice work, do you know Mastermilo? It's a Dutch guy who also does this kind of work. I also do recommend that you watch the "werkplaatsvlog" (workshopvlog) channel, it's his secundary channel which goes in more depth.
TC time
TC time Aasta tagasi
I built something like this one time😁
Johannes Fiftyeight
Johannes Fiftyeight Aasta tagasi
Peugeot... nuff said!
mercer Aasta tagasi
He's living my dream
Eye Toldyoosso
Eye Toldyoosso Aasta tagasi
200,000 soon ..;-p
Maxwell Harmon
Maxwell Harmon Aasta tagasi
this video is awesome!! It would be cool if you made a video on exactly how you go about taking apart rusty shit you found in a field. commonly I try and end up breaking off bolt heads and stripping out threads. you seem to have a precise process of lubricant, heat and wrenching in a way that works. you should make a vid on your process.
Made in Belgium
Made in Belgium Aasta tagasi
why don't you use that car engine for it?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
It blew a rod. That's why the car got shelved.
Lhaj BELAID Workshop
Lhaj BELAID Workshop Aasta tagasi
Best wishes brother's
Maxim St-Germain
Maxim St-Germain Aasta tagasi
Do you still have your fisrt amphibious all terrain vehicle , your Argo ?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
No, it wasn't mine, we borrowed it and had it only for a couple of weeks maybe. But this ARGO was the catalyst for this project for sure. 🤘
Seta Tampio
Seta Tampio Aasta tagasi
I like your accent.
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair Aasta tagasi
I see a amphibious track machine coming out of this Donn, a excellent cleaning and set up in a much warmer than usual build for you which I hope to see more of. I would also like a tour of the barn that you walled in but I never seen finished. You such a excellent craftsman. So far so good
Thorben Sartory DIY Design
Thorben Sartory DIY Design Aasta tagasi
Sinn diy = legend 👍
Kurts Customs
Kurts Customs Aasta tagasi
Wow that timber trailer comes in handy for more than just carrying logs, very cool!!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Have to use what I have. 😉
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