Hydraulic Ram Pump Build

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Building my first hydraulic ram pump using plumbing fittings, brass valves, polyethylene pipes, fire extinguisher as a pressure chamber etc. It has 50 m of drive pipe, 1 m drop. It pumps water up to somewhere around 4 meters through 3/4" garden hose that is 80 meters in total length. The homemade hydraulic ram pump pumps 1,5 liters per 40 seconds which equals to 3240 liters per 24 hours. I had to build a small dam to provide additional drop for the water in the creek that reaches the pump via polyethylene water pressure pipe. I changed the swing dump valve to a regular sliding valve since swing valve got jammed at times and was not reliable. I am really happy with this project. I've wanted to build it for several years now and seeing the water come out from the garden hose on the top is a dream come true. The pond with a stagnant water has now artificial flow through in the dry season. Thanks for watching! Ram Pump in Estonian - vesioinas.
Pomade - Silent Partner (EEpost Audio Library)
Welding equipment:
Fronius TransSteel 2700
Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet

Basri Shah
Basri Shah 18 tundi tagasi
Kanji Okhaji Patel
Kanji Okhaji Patel 4 päeva tagasi
डफोल मत बनावो
Yuni Hastuti
Yuni Hastuti 5 päeva tagasi
Ma k
Qamil zejnullahu
Qamil zejnullahu 7 päeva tagasi
Qamil zejnullahu
Qamil zejnullahu 7 päeva tagasi
Oscar Pacheco
Oscar Pacheco 7 päeva tagasi
I need one in puebla mexico how much $$ saludos
Aidakas. A.T.
Aidakas. A.T. 12 päeva tagasi
On taolise ehituse juures mingid mõõtude suhted kusagilt võtta?
STEVE DEATHGUN 12 päeva tagasi
like that japanese bamboo in little fountains
nidranrebreski 17 päeva tagasi
Didn't know you could speak.
widodo 20 päeva tagasi
mustafa yavuz
mustafa yavuz 22 päeva tagasi
Harika ...
jal dol
jal dol 29 päeva tagasi
I love watching people work who know what they are doing and this guy knows what he is doing
Dav Gzl
Dav Gzl 29 päeva tagasi
pollueur de produit d'extincteur !
Danny Devito
Danny Devito Місяць tagasi
I like this over the PVC veraions that are on youtube!
Manika Ramchiary
Manika Ramchiary Місяць tagasi
संजय गोस्वामी
संजय गोस्वामी Місяць tagasi
Can increase water pressure/flow with smaller waste out pipe/checkvalve
Isa mandiri
Isa mandiri Місяць tagasi
Pompa hidrolik
A&G Group
A&G Group Місяць tagasi
Muy interesante el proyecto...me gustó...saludos desde Perú
Alwaleed Suliman
Alwaleed Suliman Місяць tagasi
نرجو إرسال فيديوهات عن المصاعد اسانسير مبسطة التصنيع
Robert J
Robert J Місяць tagasi
Film spoko, ale dwa klucze i ręce i ogień
Setiawan Gondrong
Setiawan Gondrong Місяць tagasi
CAMPO - CAMPOLAH Місяць tagasi
verry-verry good
Виктор Даниленков
Виктор Даниленков Місяць tagasi
Мммммммммм. Хуета!
Zulkifli Illi
Zulkifli Illi Місяць tagasi
but in my opinion, the input pipe you are installing is too long so it takes a lot of energy for the water to fill the tank, if the input pipe is shortened by half it might increase the water flow
Zulkifli Illi
Zulkifli Illi Місяць tagasi
You have sacrificed everything for the trial and it was all worth it. good job man..😎😎
Zulkifli Illi
Zulkifli Illi Місяць tagasi
You have sacrificed everything for the trial and it was all worth it. good job man..😎😎
Chris Fleming
Chris Fleming Місяць tagasi
You : Can you block the stream with rocks for my Pump? Me: Quite frankly my Dear, I can't make a Dam. This pump was invented in the late 1800's to pump water for a Public Fountain. ⛲
Jimmy Rodriguez Navarro
Jimmy Rodriguez Navarro Місяць tagasi
Hasta purificada sale el agua
Hadime Inui
Hadime Inui 2 місяці tagasi
watch this videos is giving me itchy XD
guro grigalashvili
guro grigalashvili 2 місяці tagasi
Emrah Türkcan
Emrah Türkcan 2 місяці tagasi
Cezeri pomp
Gan Duzs
Gan Duzs 2 місяці tagasi
Fresh water. Nice view
Wagiran Siswo
Wagiran Siswo 2 місяці tagasi
Mas saya mau beli pumpa satu set berapa ya harganya
peter mueller
peter mueller 2 місяці tagasi
fascinating, congratulations!!!
sandra folsom
sandra folsom 2 місяці tagasi
Life is hard in mother Russia. Only potato soup to eat.
мишель лорд
мишель лорд 2 місяці tagasi
Я после этой сварки спать не мог...просим быстро и короче..
MEREVSKOE RAY 2 місяці tagasi
Water is life👉
Joeybabbs .BABBS
Joeybabbs .BABBS 3 місяці tagasi
works ok till it rains and washes it all away
Еди Синев
Еди Синев 3 місяці tagasi
S.a. kakoy klasniy molotok
Musyafak Dolan
Musyafak Dolan 3 місяці tagasi
Wooow nice job .. good
Abdul Sathar
Abdul Sathar 3 місяці tagasi
I don't know what is this
Silas Berlamino Da Rocha
Silas Berlamino Da Rocha 3 місяці tagasi
Se estiver deste pra vender quero comprar paresse ser resisyente
Михалыч49 3 місяці tagasi
Красава! Меньше слов - больше дела 👍
basel aboud
basel aboud 3 місяці tagasi
Half of the work is doing streak
basel aboud
basel aboud 3 місяці tagasi
Friend Teflon winding process line or white tape
Indian muslim
Indian muslim 3 місяці tagasi
What's the sound of tak tak
Isaac Pulamte
Isaac Pulamte 3 місяці tagasi
For check valve can we use the one that has spring on it?
Nildo Dutra
Nildo Dutra 3 місяці tagasi
muito bom parabéns
Gilvan Dos santos
Gilvan Dos santos 3 місяці tagasi
Esse jogar até quanto metro
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther 3 місяці tagasi
hydraulik ram pump
Sakchun Sahni
Sakchun Sahni 3 місяці tagasi
philip tipping
philip tipping 3 місяці tagasi
Interesting, lucky to have a creek so close. Still a lot of effort for only 3000lts a day, the pond would lose more than that on a hot day?
Kada Kader
Kada Kader 3 місяці tagasi
Good job man thanks
i z
i z 3 місяці tagasi
I'd get rid of the last green pipe and straight to the pond, that will have much less friction and give you more pressure and volume. Further more, if its just 1 m drop, you can put an elevated 220l barrel on a ramp 10m from the pump, and connect it to the stream at higher level. This will give you higher drop of 1.5-2 m, and shorter distance to the pump... again, less friction inside the tube.
Yalan Dünya
Yalan Dünya 3 місяці tagasi
Bu icad 800 yüzyıl önce cezeri'ye ait
Al Giting
Al Giting 3 місяці tagasi
Love the long vice grip plier . . where do you get it ?
SLP SRI LANKA 3 місяці tagasi
thank you ! Priya
thank you ! Priya 4 місяці tagasi
Can I use the 70 feet Borewell for water lift....
Phillip Cleaver
Phillip Cleaver 4 місяці tagasi
You have achieved 720 gallons of pumped water in 24 hours , given the modest size of this pump this is excellent , we have an original Blake Hydram & it will manage 500 gallons in 24 hrs , the secret is in regarding the drivepipe as part of the pump , hit the waste valve with a big diameter , hard core of water to get it to snap shut profoundly , the harder & more deliberate the snap-shut on the waste or clack valve , the more she pumps ! hit the efficiency critical on the incoming water speed down the drivepipe . Your brass flap valves work better than the old - fashioned rubber disc ones , although might not last as long . Well done , congratulations from central england , excellent . Have a look at this company,s website ; Allspeeds , Accrington , Lancashire , England , & look again under either Hydrams or John Blake Hydrams , lots of water flow data on here , this company still makes these & I believe , exports worldwide . Best Regards .
Thandokuhle Sithole
Thandokuhle Sithole 4 місяці tagasi
The waste valve is too heavy and delivery pipe is small, hence a reduction in efficiency.
YES kolik
YES kolik 4 місяці tagasi
Hello from Turkey
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 4 місяці tagasi
Hello from Estonia!
Deshi Service Engineer
Deshi Service Engineer 4 місяці tagasi
Nice video.
Farming Techniques and Tips
Farming Techniques and Tips 4 місяці tagasi
All the check valves going up right?
Frantz Jensen
Frantz Jensen 4 місяці tagasi
have to drill a small hole below the valve going to the Tank , smallest drill bit
Mark paulene
Mark paulene 4 місяці tagasi
Donn I think you need a bigger pond, markUK
Baron 4 місяці tagasi
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 4 місяці tagasi
Meli G
Meli G 4 місяці tagasi
How does this work during winter when it gets below freezing?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 4 місяці tagasi
You can submerge the pump in water. And flowing water doesn't freeze. There are many pumps working here in Estonia throughout the winter.
Ari Marwan
Ari Marwan 4 місяці tagasi
Ruhi Turan
Ruhi Turan 4 місяці tagasi
Hello there. How many liters of water does 3240 LT of water press up to 80 meters in 24 hours? We would be pleased if you provide information on this subject. This system consumes water falling from a lower certain altitude in order to perform the same task even though it does not use engine or electric power. This is not a miracle. If we were to generate electricity with this spent water and pump the water 80 meters high with an electromotopom, the average efficiency is about 60 percent and the amount of water spent to operate the system constitutes forty percent of the total spent water. According to this situation, what is the total efficiency of the system? !!! **************************************** Merhaba. 3240 LT suyu 24 Saatte 80 mt yüksekliğe basarken kaç litre su tüketmektedir? Bu konuda bilgi verirseniz memnun oluruz. Bu sistem motor veya elektrik güçü kullanmadığı halde aynı görevi yürütebilmesi için daha düşük belirli bir yükseltiden düşen suyu tüketmektedir. Bu bir mucize değildir. Harcanan bu su ile elektrik üretip, elektromotopomp ile, suyu 80 metre yükseğe pompalayacak olsak, ortalama verim yüzde 60 dolayında olup sistemi çalıştırmak için harcanan su miktarı, toplam harcanan suyun yüzde kırkını oluşturur. Bu duruma göre sistemin toplam verimi yüzde kaçtır? !!!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 4 місяці tagasi
3240 litres / 24 hours.
Brader Reyes
Brader Reyes 4 місяці tagasi
9:15 🤣🤣
Muhamadiyah Hisyam
Muhamadiyah Hisyam 4 місяці tagasi
1.DEVI.F. bnvfkn.hnfjhjnlngkkkkjkjkkkkjddhjjjjjjvjkkjkkkkklkkkkkjkk
amazing man...great job. What is the theory behind that fire extinguish cylinder? Is it better replaced with bigger then?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 5 місяців tagasi
It is pressure chamber that pushes the water uphill.
Perfect Glor
Perfect Glor 5 місяців tagasi
Artificial..means didn't use electricity or motor with gasoline.. this is wow I love it..i want it to my farm my near in the river
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 5 місяців tagasi
Look up "hydraulic ram pump" on the internet to find specs and diagrams to build your own. This is truly awesome thing to build!
Brett Moore
Brett Moore 5 місяців tagasi
Old welding tank would allow more air pressure. Maybe a little more lift you could have it aerated the pond with a bucket waterfall ,or bell siphon waterfall
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 5 місяців tagasi
Lift is great even as is. Getting pond aerated is a must for sure. Have to think about it. Great ideas from you, cheers! 👍
Petr Homola
Petr Homola 5 місяців tagasi
Kdo na toto přišel to byl koumes. Díky
Реактивный карт. Александр Юлгу. Бишкек.
Реактивный карт. Александр Юлгу. Бишкек. 5 місяців tagasi
Tajemne Jaro
Tajemne Jaro 5 місяців tagasi
You could have used that tread in extinguisher without any welding.
Osman Avara
Osman Avara 5 місяців tagasi
Yes twnkyu harika bir iş teşekkür ederim eline sağlık
Bilal Cetin
Bilal Cetin 5 місяців tagasi
very nice job! congratulations!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 5 місяців tagasi
Thank you!
Tcher Kez
Tcher Kez 5 місяців tagasi
Supet 👍👍👍👍👍
Funny Videos And More
Funny Videos And More 5 місяців tagasi
Man you have every tools and equipments that you need. How easy for you to build such DIY stuffs.
Lex Bacon
Lex Bacon 5 місяців tagasi
Real simple ram is with a real heavy duty 50mm x 1000mm hose as the compression part!!! No tank needed same valves Just your pumped water line connection on the end of it
Виталий Лысов
Виталий Лысов 5 місяців tagasi
Красавчик 👍
hi miss
hi miss 5 місяців tagasi
blog like this to show others how to make it..its good but if you are not talking useless
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 5 місяців tagasi
It got you interested didn't it? And that is victory in my books! Showing how things work or are built is more universal than talking in one language.
BENITH EDWIN 5 місяців tagasi
Will this work in a well?
BENITH EDWIN 5 місяців tagasi
@Donn DIY thank you. Is it there any other way to pump from a well? It will be a great help. Can you suggest any other option?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 5 місяців tagasi
You need running water and a drop in altitude for at least a metre for it to work properly.
Prakash.M Babu
Prakash.M Babu 5 місяців tagasi
Superb bro it is very interesting project without electrical power....
Pradeep Senanayake
Pradeep Senanayake 5 місяців tagasi
I really enjoyed your this video clip.Thanks a lot
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 5 місяців tagasi
Thank you for watching!
Carlo Ayala
Carlo Ayala 5 місяців tagasi
Can I buy all this parts at home-depot?
Osservatore 5 місяців tagasi
trovi tutto in un negozio di idraulica (tranne l'estintore ma è meglio un vaso di espansione da 5 litri e costa pure meno)
Carlo Ayala
Carlo Ayala 5 місяців tagasi
Nice job, what is the max elevation you can transport water with this small pump?
Nodsu Nodsu
Nodsu Nodsu 6 місяців tagasi
Very good video! Kus kandis Sa asud, et õnnestus 1m langust saavutada? Edu edaspidisekski!
Zakir Darise
Zakir Darise 6 місяців tagasi
Kunci pipanya bagus coi
Satchel Dunnell
Satchel Dunnell 6 місяців tagasi
What set of wrenches do you have in the background?
Tutorial Komputer Terbaru
Tutorial Komputer Terbaru 6 місяців tagasi
ternyata bisa
SCJMO 6 місяців tagasi
Hydraulic RAM pump projects are basically magic.
Sylvain Marc
Sylvain Marc 6 місяців tagasi
What diameter (in mm) is your black drive pipe? 40 or 32? thanks!
Rajan Sai
Rajan Sai 6 місяців tagasi
I just loved the house with the pond.
Dieseljonnyboy 6 місяців tagasi
Good work; super pond; what country are you in?
Dušan Barlík
Dušan Barlík 6 місяців tagasi
Omg just buy a 5l pressure tank and precharge to 1-2 psi/0.1 bar
GooGurt 6 місяців tagasi
Wear gloves when you weld you friggin animal.
Javier Perez
Javier Perez 6 місяців tagasi
Muy poco la cantidad de agua que llega
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