Firewood Processing Procedure Upgrade

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Donn DIY

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It's not all fun and games. Before you get to be lazy you have to build stuff!
This is a closure video for the series "Log Splitter To Firewood Processor" and "Belt Conveyor Build" which are contained in the playlist "Firewood Processing" here:
As a result of my laziness in firewood chopping, splitting and stacking by hand I spent a couple of months building a firewood processor around a 7 tonne capacity electric log splitter, a belt conveyor and forks attachment for the micro skid steer loader so I can move around the IBC - Intermediate Bulk container crates that are, as of now, full of firewood successfully made on my homemade firewood processor. No more back bending firewood chopping with a handheld chainsaw or splitting wood with a regular axe. Nor the most annoying thing to my liking - firewood stacking. As someone said in the comments, and very spectacularly I might add, people go through a lot of trouble and work to be lazy afterwards. And it's true.
Stay tuned for the next build! Thanks for watching!
Check out my other videos on my channel page:
#donndiy #homemade #firewood
Pomade - Silent Partner (EEpost Audio Library)
Welding equipment borrowed from Spetselektroodi AS, Estonia:
Fronius TransSteel 2700 welder
Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet
Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP plasma cutter

Donn DIY
Donn DIY 5 місяців tagasi
Watch the whole firewood processing machinery production here: Check out my other videos on my channel page: Welding equipment borrowed from Spetselektroodi AS, Estonia: Fronius TransSteel 2700 welder Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP plasma cutter
Jimmy Jrelliott
Jimmy Jrelliott 9 päeva tagasi
Well done now can I have one
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith 4 місяці tagasi
You should look get a saw bench blade, cuts much faster and doesn't need sharpening that often and you don't need to tighten the chain.
anil sharma
anil sharma 4 місяці tagasi
Why use firewood ? Use hydrogen fuel First you boiling water with fire and use this steaming for cooking Cook your food by your own power by using hydraulic jack ?
90%NORMAL 4 місяці tagasi
@B.M R yeah. Then you would do that over and over and over and over and over again 3 times a week without enough for winter so you'd do it all winter long. Meanwhile, the genius who made this MONSTROSITY, works for one week by himself, and cuts a years worth of firewood for 20 in gas and relaxes all winter long. Next time you make a stupid comment, think it through first, if you're capable of doing so....
B.M R 4 місяці tagasi
In the time it took you to make that monstrosity i would have had 2 trees cut with only one other person and done sitting by the fire and not have wasted any money at all other than maybe 5 dollar in gas to get to the tree
Jim Otto
Jim Otto 6 tundi tagasi
Could you please tell me the wight of the loaded container of wood?
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown Päev tagasi
Maybe ppl aren’t lazy but have problems such a judge you are shame
Andy Wijaya
Andy Wijaya Päev tagasi
I'm gonna quote Garfield: It takes more effort to be lazy!
scott kern
scott kern 2 päeva tagasi
Doesn’t mean your lazy at all!! Means you got the brains
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith 2 päeva tagasi
My wife handles all my wood
R M 2 päeva tagasi
Luke Warmwater
Luke Warmwater 2 päeva tagasi
And by the time this individual finished building this Rube Goldberg machine I had cut and stacked five years worth of firewood and had a cold beer.
Andrew Frodo
Andrew Frodo 4 päeva tagasi
Great video! Have you ever thought up upgrading your fireplace/burning wood stove? Rocket heater to consume less fuel? Thanks.
jbsleddin 4 päeva tagasi
Firewood "for lazy people" in my opinion would be purchasing it from a supplier that delivers and stacks it for you, which, also in my opinion, kinda defeats the purpose of burning wood in the first place if you are still pretty much 100% dependent on others. This is more like "firewood for fricken' geniuses!" Very nice engineering and execution of what appears to be quite the labor saver. Almost had to watch it in slow motion just to fully appreciate all the designing and work that went into the build. Cheers!
Jonny Motoritz
Jonny Motoritz 4 päeva tagasi
You are a mechanical genius. Thank you for the video. Very nice Donn. Do you know the wood processor attachement for the bobcat?
Baltimore 5 päeva tagasi
thats amazing! do you have the plans for buikding the machine?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 4 päeva tagasi
Sorry, no plans. I built the whole machine from scrap steel and used log splitter. The whole build cost me around 200-400€.
Rich H
Rich H 5 päeva tagasi
Credible engineering!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 4 päeva tagasi
Cheers mate!
Виктор Стр
Виктор Стр 5 päeva tagasi
Отличная идея в применения кубовиков
Vaynthegreat 5 päeva tagasi
love it.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 4 päeva tagasi
Julio Bondy
Julio Bondy 5 päeva tagasi
Set logs afire with a match. Perfectly lazy.
ChristDriven 5 päeva tagasi
Greedy Troll
Greedy Troll 6 päeva tagasi
Absolutely incredible. I wish I had this creative ability with metal fabrication. Wonderful job.
Raymond Baumann
Raymond Baumann 6 päeva tagasi
Kevin McMahon
Kevin McMahon 6 päeva tagasi
It is harder to split wood that has been dried. Splitting new wood has those smaller pieces drying much faster.
Big Al
Big Al 7 päeva tagasi
When splitting by hand, get yourself a large round and screw a tire to it. You can sometimes fit multiple logs within the tire and you won’t have to chase the split pieces.👍
joe parks
joe parks 7 päeva tagasi
wow congrats. probably one of the best videos on youtube
luke oneill
luke oneill 7 päeva tagasi
cord every 2 hours you doing ok
Wordavee1 7 päeva tagasi
Fine if you've got a fabrication workshop!
Devon Kenny
Devon Kenny 7 päeva tagasi
mark smith
mark smith 8 päeva tagasi
Give a lazy man a job and he'll find a easier way to do it.
D Sean
D Sean 9 päeva tagasi
I admire people like this. Always pushing to find a better way. The same type of people that brought us the airplane, cars, computers, aircraft carriers, rockets and basically everything else you see touch and breath all day everyday. Builders and Engineering are perhaps the most important professions in the world.
mitty vidz
mitty vidz 9 päeva tagasi
DIY? That build would make a race car or aircraft engineer proud
Mike W
Mike W 9 päeva tagasi
Everybody should have one of these!
Joe Bradner
Joe Bradner 9 päeva tagasi
Hi , a nice project but you have complicated your system. This is what I do. I am by myself and in my 60's. 1, fell and limb,2, cut to firebox length,3, toss loosely onto wide flat trailer,4,park next to splitter at same height as trailer so I can slide to splitter and slide back onto trailer, no lifting, 5, park trailer next to wide opening woodshed(facing south, holds 10 bush cords) and throw from trailer to shed, 6, stack, 7 burn in stove. Only need a chainsaw or 2, a trailer and a splitter mounted at the same height as the trailer. Never thought to make a video, maybe next year. Your machine looks and runs great and your fabrication skills are awesome too. Thanks for a very well made video.
Treeherder 77
Treeherder 77 9 päeva tagasi
Nice work but it seems the crate is the real time saver. Why not simply make a mount for a log splitter on the crate and a crate on the ATV trailer?
biwwdabeah 9 päeva tagasi
Process Engineering at it’s finest.
Joe Bagofdonuts
Joe Bagofdonuts 10 päeva tagasi
ME hello I would like three cords of firewood delivered, split and stacked
Dave C.
Dave C. 10 päeva tagasi
The IBC frames run wildly in price. Anywhere from $35-135. I was lucky to get mine for $65. They work awesome. Just make sure your tractor is big enough to lift them. Without a ballast i can lift one full of dry wood. Wet wood, I need a ballast and my tractor weighs about 3,000lbs. I have a wood stove and this is the first year i will be driving the crate right into my garage one at a time as i need them. No covering. No water and wet wood. Works amazing.
John Johnson
John Johnson 10 päeva tagasi
Necessity is the mother of invention for sure.
humandxp 10 päeva tagasi
what are those stupid plastic caps? or roof idea, you know majority of rain goes with wind and rains from side not directly from top so wood will get wet anyway
Tuna Fish
Tuna Fish 10 päeva tagasi
Dude!! That was an awesome idea!!
Meat Man
Meat Man 11 päeva tagasi
Outstanding work. Need a job as a fabricator? I'm hiring brilliantly minded individuals such as yourself.
Larus Pener
Larus Pener 11 päeva tagasi
Please the music from 1:38 exactly the same version
IslandGardener 11 päeva tagasi
The only thing I can see you doing the reduce more steps is to take your processor in the field, but you would need a truck with minimum 16 foot deck, and a trailer
KES Hatton
KES Hatton 11 päeva tagasi
The rain is ok, as long as the wood gets time to season then a bit of side rain is ok. Brilliant job,
benhart16 11 päeva tagasi
Have you considered ways to reduce how much wood you need to burn?
Dougie 12 päeva tagasi
u guys really suck at making firewood.
Glenn Dwyer
Glenn Dwyer 12 päeva tagasi
You should plant some proper firewood trees, that wood looks like rubbish that won't produce good embers
Husqv 51
Husqv 51 12 päeva tagasi
What a work saver, great job!!
want2seeall 12 päeva tagasi
What brand is that skid steer? A thomas?
Fair Dinkum
Fair Dinkum 13 päeva tagasi
Oh.. the high speed stuff is just annoying. And makes me dizzy.
Tim Holmes
Tim Holmes 13 päeva tagasi
Nice job !!
Different Handyman
Different Handyman 13 päeva tagasi
Where I live, a mechanic capable of making this processor earns at least $100 an hour which can buy half a cord of firewood. Add to that at least $100,000 worth of equipment and components shown in this video, and the total cost will be astronomical. Nobody burns enough firewood over their lifetime to justify such an investment.
Different Handyman
Different Handyman 13 päeva tagasi
That is true, I might have exaggerated. It would be interesting to see the total cost of the project the way you calculate it, and how many cords of firewood that could buy in your area. I know a machine like yours wouldn’t make financial sense around here, because firewood is dirt cheap, but it may be different elsewhere. And I want to make clear that while I doubt the financial viability of this project, I do admire it from a purely engineering perspective.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 13 päeva tagasi
You are adding total cost of equipment used in this video to this single project and you should know project costs are not calculated this way. 😉 In your way after selling a single project I could fully re-equip my workshop with new machinery after every single project. 😂
Alberto Cabral
Alberto Cabral 13 päeva tagasi
Hi everybody. Wao very good idea and very good job congratulations 👏🤝👍🇺🇸🇺🇸
DargoDog 13 päeva tagasi
Damn!!! When I was a kid, we would process 30-40 cord of wood in the summer. I would have given my eye-teeth and virginity for a machine like this.
Quadrille 14 päeva tagasi
milesff7 14 päeva tagasi
Maybe you should build a passive solar home? Lol. I like your idea, and ability to fabricate though. Awesome job!
Иоанн Грозный
Иоанн Грозный 15 päeva tagasi
Кочегар 21 века. Класс!
Red Green
Red Green 15 päeva tagasi
If you have a ton of money why are you heating with wood. Also it's always going to be hard work. Satisfying in the winter, BUT ALOT OF WORK. 14 years of wood heat only. Unless you buy it precut bucked and split and pay the neighbor kid to stack it for you, your in for a pleasant surprise.
v1antbo 16 päeva tagasi
aowi7280 17 päeva tagasi
Nice processing equipment. Ever thought of putting in a gas furnace?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 15 päeva tagasi
We don't have gas lines coming to us where we live. Heating with gas is not an option.
Rick Thomas
Rick Thomas 17 päeva tagasi
U need to build 1 for b.c size of wood
lexwaldez 17 päeva tagasi
You mad evil genius you. Growing up all that handling was just "character buiilding." Nobody ever cared about efficiency, although we did build a log splitter like yours with an i-beam, an old hydraulic cylinder and a motor that was way too big for the project. That thing used to split large hedgeapple logs like nothing. I was happy when we didn't have to split the logs manually. Stacking was the fun part! We had an old F-150 for hauling all that crap around. Good times. Pretty sure I don't miss them.
TJ Evans
TJ Evans 17 päeva tagasi
Good job and fun to watch!
Anon 17 päeva tagasi
I’ve always said that if you need something done, get a lazy person to do it because they will find the easiest way to complete the job
Nostrodumbass Studio 8
Nostrodumbass Studio 8 17 päeva tagasi
Lazy is not moving the logs from stack to another to another to another. But hot.
Nazar Bulba
Nazar Bulba 17 päeva tagasi
Краще зробити подвійну розколку, один поршень вертаєся, а другий пхає дрова і наоборот.
Michael Mayo
Michael Mayo 17 päeva tagasi
Bit over the top for my needs, but a very interesting video T/U
José da Cunha Filho
José da Cunha Filho 18 päeva tagasi
Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.
rrrohan2288 18 päeva tagasi
i would of just bought a gas heater lol
prashant dhyani
prashant dhyani 19 päeva tagasi
Now thats value engineerin
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 18 päeva tagasi
Cheers man!
Mitchell Masen
Mitchell Masen 21 päev tagasi
This seems like a lot of work for a lazy person
Jeffrey Swain
Jeffrey Swain 21 päev tagasi
Looks so simple to build with everyday tools we all have in our garages :)
m g
m g 22 päeva tagasi
Or, you could just buy firewood.
7ViewerLogic 23 päeva tagasi
Larus Pener
Larus Pener 23 päeva tagasi
Please help me find this song from 1:40 I 've checked the description but it isnt that
Bohica Johnson
Bohica Johnson 23 päeva tagasi
You could automate the chain saw part. The wood reaches the stop, chain saw come down, repeat.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 22 päeva tagasi
Yep, absolutely.
OldCountryman 23 päeva tagasi
You would think that someone with that much tech could figure out how to heat his house without cutting down trees.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 22 päeva tagasi
I'm replanting trees though, and the bush we have here is self sustaining by itself and if you think about it - wood is carbon neutral as well when used as a source of heat. Natural gas is often suggested, but it is carbon positive and where I live we don't have gas lines nor does my country have natural gas sources available. I can't heat my house with sun because during winter we basically don't have any sunshine. I could heat with earth thermal energy but the circulation pump is running on electricity which is produced in Estonian coal powered power plants which would make it also carbon positive. For the time being I will settle with burning firewood but thinking about upgrading heating process for sure.
Atanatari165 24 päeva tagasi
Know what's even easier? A natural gas furnace!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 22 päeva tagasi
We don't have natural gas lines in Estonia where I live. And natural gas isn't carbon neutral, the wood on the other hand is.
Chuck Finley
Chuck Finley 24 päeva tagasi
I don't see this working well for hickory or oak lol but awesome machine!
Craig Porta
Craig Porta 24 päeva tagasi
Now you have to go inside and spend more time with the old lady!!
Greg Warner
Greg Warner 24 päeva tagasi
Pay someone else to do it.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 22 päeva tagasi
My life moto is "Save money today, save even more money tomorrow", so I don't want to pay for anything I can do myself. 😁
Be 24 päeva tagasi
Well you got a new subscriber from the thought , and execution of Doing it your self! Keep up the awesome work!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 22 päeva tagasi
Thank you very much!
МИХАИЛ КРАСОВ 25 päeva tagasi
Такая бочка стоит как 5 кубов дров уже колотых
Andrew Baharlias
Andrew Baharlias 26 päeva tagasi
Call a patent attorney, get a patent and start marketing it ... that's your win. Genius stuff there!
daltonx 27 päeva tagasi
Good job. Now waiting for the video on how to build a DIY loader ! 🤣
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt 28 päeva tagasi
Now just get your self 4-5 of those hand totes and stage them in the barn. Fill them when your out there. Get down to one left, fill the other four and head in the house. Great job on the splitter though. You are on to something here. I'm thinking getting a patient on this machine asap.
Geoff Fowler
Geoff Fowler 29 päeva tagasi
Thats the actual speed i am expected to fabricate and manufacture
Jane Norton
Jane Norton 29 päeva tagasi
Guess I'll just grab my forklift and get busy. Lol
Azuadee Azmin
Azuadee Azmin Місяць tagasi
This is serious engineering.
Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman Місяць tagasi
Brilliant way of storing the wood as it dries! I am totally going to use this idea! Thank you!
Matt P.
Matt P. Місяць tagasi
Me using a dull axe to cut wood 🥺
izzzzzz6 Місяць tagasi
i can last a winter at 1000M ASL with 4 crates worth. around 4 or 5 stair max. I have no insulation or double glazing, only shutters. Personally i would halve the load if i insulated the exterior of the house and my roof but that's going to cost around €15k and only cut my bills in half. Going to take a few decades to pay it back but it would be worth it if everyone did it to cut down on air pollution.
Abra Cadabra
Abra Cadabra Місяць tagasi
They're actually moving that fast.
Picto Gram
Picto Gram Місяць tagasi
but from environmental view you use much more energie now ... fuel, oil etc.
Doug Alexander
Doug Alexander Місяць tagasi
Crazy fabrication skills.
Funner Than Before
Funner Than Before Місяць tagasi
Slot of money for 3 steps... I use wood myself and find that its not too bad to do all the steps necessary, throughout the entire year, instead of doing it all at once at the beginning of each fall...
Jure Macola
Jure Macola Місяць tagasi
OR, just move to the place where is not so cold like south of italy or south of croatia
Dan Willson
Dan Willson Місяць tagasi
Gotta get me one of those !
IdahoPotato Місяць tagasi
Had to watch at 1/4 speed. Nice setup. There's a company in Michigan that makes these only larger. I like the small size and towable.
Ben Holden
Ben Holden Місяць tagasi
Simply awesome!
David Sr. Swim
David Sr. Swim Місяць tagasi
Handling the wood less, machinery doing the lifting and work, awesome. Bravo. As long as you don't run into elm that is stringy and tied together like knots, holding all the way to the end of the stroke! Lol.
Di Ce
Di Ce Місяць tagasi
Lazy people don't need firewood, we have heating on power or gas or oil .
Alan Alan
Alan Alan Місяць tagasi
Not too shaby but do belivecwe have some better ideas. 1 403 830 4124
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