Fabricating Bonnet & Dashboard - Tracked Amphibious Vehicle Build Ep. 20

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Donn DIY

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Latest video: eepost.info/my/video/o2-LdnVnopKFuos.html
This time I'm handcrafting a bonnet/hood and instrument panel out of sheet metal. In the process of making the dashboard I also had to think about the placement of the switches and accessories on the instrument panel. I need the basics on the dashboard like ignition key switch, light switches, bilge pump switch, hour meter and so on. I would also like to add oil temperature gauge (only way to tell the temperature of my air cooled V-twin). On the very left end of the dashboard I mounted an emergency battery cutoff switch so I can disconnect the battery every time I leave the machine and nothing gets juice from the battery while the vehicle is left unused. I ordered a switch cluster online which has 5 separate switches with built in fuses. This cluster also features a voltmeter, a 12 V and USB power outlet so this should cover everything I need. On the backside of the dashboard in the engine bay I mounted a pair of winch relays just because I'm using two winches on the tracked amphibious vehicle, both front and back. The front winch switch will be mounted on the left steering lever so I can use it ergonomically while driving, for lifting plow and such. The rear winch switch is yet to be mounted somewhere on the dashboard. I will also install the remote control units so I'll retain the possibility of remotely operating the DragonWinch 12 V electric winches. They might come in handy in the swamp for sure. The bonnet's main job is to keep the rain out when stored outside. Don't know if I fabricate the cab just yet. Probably keep it under a tarp for starters and think about the cab design later. Although, a simple frame and a plastic roof wouldn't take too much time to fabricate. We'll see.
#donndiy #homemade #trackedvehicle
This video is part of a series of videos, check out the series here: eepost.info/my/video/2IZ3m3N6gayd0o8.html
Check out my other videos on my channel page: eepost.info
Pomade - Silent Partner (EEpost Audio Library)
Welding equipment borrowed from Spetselektroodi AS, Estonia:
Fronius TransSteel 2700 welder
Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet
Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP plasma cutter

Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
This video is part of a series of videos, check out the series here: eepost.info/face/PLkmF7FAZBzkWdzAxcrnz-WJbzSRyqrSBt Subscribe for more and check out my other videos on my channel page: eepost.info Welding equipment borrowed from Spetselektroodi AS, Estonia: Fronius TransSteel 2700 welder Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP plasma cutter
ronald whittaker
ronald whittaker 9 місяців tagasi
coming long Donn good work
trawazoo 23 tundi tagasi
Tesla truck
Northwest Connection
Northwest Connection 29 päeva tagasi
Rob Halford would say, "you're a METAL GOD"!!!...\m/( ' - ' )\m/
José Mariano Bonfim Perez Bonfim
José Mariano Bonfim Perez Bonfim Місяць tagasi
Carl Schmiedeke
Carl Schmiedeke 2 місяці tagasi
What welder are you using, & i wish you would leave your words up on the screen longer to give us all a chance to read them before they go away, and i don't know why you like to work being bent over all the time, you need some good steel work horses
mlodymajk666 3 місяці tagasi
rui svensson
rui svensson 4 місяці tagasi
if you don’t paint, this contraption will rust whole
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 4 місяці tagasi
C'mon dude, watch this series to the end and then talk about paint. 😁
Петр Воротнев
Петр Воротнев 7 місяців tagasi
Много железа, потонет наверное.
Ehsan TV
Ehsan TV 8 місяців tagasi
سلام من از ایران مظاهممیشم منم میخواهم در ایران از این ماشین درست کنم👍👍👍👍👍👍✌✌✌✌
Jean-Marc Fournier
Jean-Marc Fournier 8 місяців tagasi
Admirable !
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 8 місяців tagasi
Thank you! 💪
mrclubike 8 місяців tagasi
He needs to have an air duct connected from the hood scoop to the front of the motor drawing in cool air If he doesnt it will just recirculate the hot air and over heat the engine
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 8 місяців tagasi
Already did it.
killerswitch621 9 місяців tagasi
Think I might have to fly you an the family to Australia to build myself one,awesome craftsmanship an pride in your work is spectacular to see.such .a great tradesman going about something he enjoys an is an amazing total professional on the tools ,problem solving,an your overall work shop management an tidyness is another sign of such a great professional àt there trade an doing what they love an enjoy,pleasure to watch
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Thank you for the kind words!
Александр Хоменко
Александр Хоменко 9 місяців tagasi
А я уже старый боюсь что могу не дожить когда она поедет
777 9 місяців tagasi
What a beautiful machine you are building sir I have the upmost respect for your talent
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Thank you!
James Dean
James Dean 9 місяців tagasi
Amazing talent! I don't know anything about welding or metal fabrication but this is addictive!
Eric Houser
Eric Houser 9 місяців tagasi
Looks good brother, boy it is neat to see you almost done with it.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Strateg 9 місяців tagasi
Ilon mask отдыхает
Robert Fitzkee
Robert Fitzkee 9 місяців tagasi
Hey donn diy. I can't find your video of you test driving your amphibious 6x6. I want to see how good of a job you did with it. Look like you did very well on it. Others who built there own did very well that they were better than our max 6x6 and argos and mudd ox over here in the USA. And they didn't get stuck like ours does and I was really impressed. Hopefully yours will be better than ours. I'm in progress of building one myself. Job well done so far. And it should float we have military amphibious ones that's heavier and bigger than yours and they float so yours should do good. It doesn't matter if it's all metal or plastic it should float. My three wheelers and four wheeler floats because of the tires lol. Come here and show our people how to make real amphibious 6x6s and cheaper so we can have good ones. I'll buy one from you my friend. Lol. Show yours testing it out I would love to see how it does.
Mustafa osman
Mustafa osman 9 місяців tagasi
Excellent ..
Oikku Oek
Oikku Oek 9 місяців tagasi
That is going to be some heavy mama.. 2/3 of the weight is pure overkill material. And the tracks are just too low. It is almost impossible to drag the waterline lower than the upper part of the tracks. And if the upper parts of the tracks aren't above the water, that vehicle isn't moving. Also, that front scoop is a sinking hazard. A direct hole pointing towards the upcoming, and incoming front wake. It will sink this vehicle on the very first launch, if left like that. It needs to be a snorkel pointing towards the rear. And, the engine is air-cooled, right? So it needs wind, actual wind, to shill it down enough. You would have to put a fan with the same power output than that engine, to cool it down properly. And If you take the hood off, the front wake will sink you again.
Wild welder
Wild welder 9 місяців tagasi
Когда уже эта колесница поедет?
АЛЕКСАНДР ПЕТРОВ 9 місяців tagasi
Виктор Цепков
Виктор Цепков 9 місяців tagasi
Накладной воздухозаборник для плавающей машины лишний, для забора воздуха лучше сразу предусмотреть шноркель.
IsUru CH
IsUru CH 9 місяців tagasi
Joelee Finn
Joelee Finn 9 місяців tagasi
Great entertainment!!!
Archie's Garage
Archie's Garage 9 місяців tagasi
Neat build, as always. But I would suggest to use some air duct pipes starting from seat area, and ending at the engine. And maybe duct fans if necessary.. It's a slow speed vehicle, can't rely on natural air flow..
Johnson Silva
Johnson Silva 9 місяців tagasi
Onde vai ser o churrasco???? Kkkk
thangquocnguyenmdp 9 місяців tagasi
Perfect application
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell 9 місяців tagasi
Super cool video!! Love it! Great Music back ground don’t change!!! Put the hinges underneath the hood. You may want the grill holes facing the rear to keep mud out of the engine bay!
Александр Осиев
Александр Осиев 9 місяців tagasi
Michael McClure
Michael McClure 9 місяців tagasi
That thing looks like a DeLorean of amphibious vehicles.
nashguy207 9 місяців tagasi
What about a snorkel type of air intake so the engine doesn't ingest any water?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
When it floats it doesn't need a snorkel. 😆 I'm betting on it floating by not installing a snorkel. Also gasoline engined don't work underwater even with snorkels on.
Магомедхабиб Багатирадаев
Магомедхабиб Багатирадаев 9 місяців tagasi
Мастер на все руки!)))))
Joaquin Paez Sanchez
Joaquin Paez Sanchez 9 місяців tagasi
Eres todo un genio, saludos desde España
Mitchell Cundiff
Mitchell Cundiff 9 місяців tagasi
looking great, Very pro job. Getting the parts to make one myself.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Very cool! Good luck with the project! 💪👊
God's Warrior
God's Warrior 9 місяців tagasi
Тоха Антошин
Тоха Антошин 9 місяців tagasi
Льшь бы поехал
Kiran Brufo
Kiran Brufo 9 місяців tagasi
The front air intake should be groved inside not pop out which looks ugly , srry for commenting its my openion
Мурад Абдурахманов
Мурад Абдурахманов 9 місяців tagasi
Думаю доживу,до окончания работ))
Wanna be farming
Wanna be farming 9 місяців tagasi
10:33 why don't you use the floor sander that you made for this? Either with sand paper or with wire brushes or even some wire wheels?
D-Hakim S
D-Hakim S 9 місяців tagasi
Ysn K.
Ysn K. 9 місяців tagasi
Gardaş sen bunu yapana kadar Türkiye komple sıfırdan yerli SUV üretti.
юра петров
юра петров 9 місяців tagasi
158 завистников ,но нас больше я ф игею от него столько терпения
Шерали Абдуллаев
Шерали Абдуллаев 9 місяців tagasi
Братка нет слов🙋‍♂️
James Ryan
James Ryan 9 місяців tagasi
Виктор Пастушенко
Виктор Пастушенко 9 місяців tagasi
Выше всяких похвал !
Иван Токарский
Иван Токарский 9 місяців tagasi
A.rohini Kumar
A.rohini Kumar 9 місяців tagasi
Hello bro part 21
Jacob A
Jacob A 9 місяців tagasi
Never in my life would I think Id see someone use a self tapper as a tap
TFTaussie 9 місяців tagasi
Sheltered life!
BANDIT # 9 місяців tagasi
а как ты выезжать будешь? ворота вроде маловаты
French Phil
French Phil 9 місяців tagasi
Nice video...if I may though ... go back to your dashboard and any wires that pass through put a grommet on them, they will chafe and could short out and from bitter experience stop you dead in the most awkward of places. Murphy's Law..... If it can go wrong it will go wrong. Sod's Law..... If it does go wrong it will do so at the most inconvenient time. Great bseries can't wait for the next installment.
Cut Snake
Cut Snake 9 місяців tagasi
I suggest maybe placing fins on the firewall to angle the hot air away from the driver. Great build by the way!
my channel
my channel 9 місяців tagasi
What about reversing the front scoop? Hot air rises and you aren’t going fast so not much ram effect. Reversed would help suck hot risen air out if you were going fast.
Luiz Claudio Oliveira
Luiz Claudio Oliveira 9 місяців tagasi
Muito bom good
jane blogs
jane blogs 9 місяців tagasi
I like to turn my rocker switches 90° so you can flick all 5 off in one swoop left to right
jane blogs
jane blogs 9 місяців tagasi
Can you really call it a firewall? More like a fire vent
Mark Kotyk
Mark Kotyk 9 місяців tagasi
Cybertruck assembly footage.
Flavio Oliveira
Flavio Oliveira 9 місяців tagasi
Parabéns pelo trabalho! Acompanhando aqui do Brasil.
Ricky's diecast models
Ricky's diecast models 9 місяців tagasi
nice work
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Thank you very much!
cazadores del desierto cd.Juarez
cazadores del desierto cd.Juarez 9 місяців tagasi
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Вадим Ржевский
Вадим Ржевский 9 місяців tagasi
Смотрю все твои ролики не перематывая!)
Айдар Яхин
Айдар Яхин 9 місяців tagasi
Заебал касан тозоп ботан?
Rafael Lorenzo
Rafael Lorenzo 9 місяців tagasi
I like this Scoop, really
Tejona Mc
Tejona Mc 9 місяців tagasi
Se sinsero, Cuanto dinero te va acostar hacer eso?
Dave Brittain
Dave Brittain 9 місяців tagasi
Interesting seeing your work but I do think that yes it will overheat, especially when you are going slow through mud and rough terrain.
Andre Gualberto
Andre Gualberto 9 місяців tagasi
Assisti mais um... aguardando continuação Donn!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Mr LORAT 9 місяців tagasi
Очень хороший получается аппарат смотрю с 1 серии но не понимаю почему не сделал Хотя-бы обычную подвеску ну короче ты молодец продолжай
Marto .4
Marto .4 9 місяців tagasi
Tis vas a really good one
Scoutss21962 9 місяців tagasi
Very impressive!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Thank you very much!
Bhagat singh supporter
Bhagat singh supporter 9 місяців tagasi
Will Wade
Will Wade 9 місяців tagasi
How do you plan to coat it to stop rust. If it was me I would coat the entire exterior with a rubberized truck bed liner material like LineX bedliner. It protects and makes it water tight. It can be sprayed ot brushed and lasts a long time and should it get damaged, it's easily repaired.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Zink primer and then powder coating.
David 9 місяців tagasi
Awesome skills
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Cheers man!
martin gardener
martin gardener 9 місяців tagasi
Liked the style of the bonnet but bit disappointed with the basic catches - something internal would look much neater, also the water cooling scoop for the engine doesn't look good but should catch plenty of water! It's coming on well though :-
Willie Fergie
Willie Fergie 9 місяців tagasi
I was worried you'd dropped off your peg!! I've really enjoyed watching this build come together. I look forward to seeing it complete. Congratulation on all your hard work. regards Willie
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
😆 Still here. No worries. I'm alive and kicking. Things just take time sometimes. 😇
Юрий Кириллов
Юрий Кириллов 9 місяців tagasi
До чего красиво ,работает человек! И монтаж видео на высоте.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Большое спасибо!
Nekto 9 місяців tagasi
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Магомед Багаудинов
Магомед Багаудинов 9 місяців tagasi
ШЕДЕВР !!!!!!!!
marat.B 9 місяців tagasi
Is control panel doesn't weak? Metal sheet very bendable. And i think it can break those plastic elements ears, while using, or idle. I mean sheet resonating and contrforse, when using thumblers. I would add some ribs in whole panel or reinforced all windows under control elements. (to be honest, i've would do both) Also bother about rubbers at motor cap. It's temporary? The rest is very good! Not seen it from the start yet, but already very interested and look forward for results! P.S. I see different languages in comments. Not sure what is main for you. So i used most universal one.
marat.B 9 місяців tagasi
You mean whole sheet on perimeter? Yeah, i've seen it. I mean more local supports. That was seen for example when you mounted keys. (8:10) But keyholder by itself is strong enough, because how its mounted. More bother about other things. Because its more massive and having weak mount ears as i said. And that is ideal situation, when all turned off and static. But while on the way, turned on, gloves, off-road things etc. I mean non accurate while using. Of course, you can tell it for sure. I just bother and warn you, sitting on chair, and looking video. So, nevermind then. =) I think you know what to do. Keep it up! =)
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
The dashboard is supported by rectangular tubing. So no worries, it is sturdy enough. 👍
Mr.Crankyface 9 місяців tagasi
Yet another episode of great fabrication! I think the hoodscoop would look better if you made it longer, so the top is more parallel to the ground.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
I think that too.
Sergiucu D
Sergiucu D 9 місяців tagasi
Superr 👏👍👍👍
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Charles Newkirk
Charles Newkirk 9 місяців tagasi
Real cool videos excellent technique very interesting I'm learning a lot thank you
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Thank you for watching!
З И В 9 місяців tagasi
Смотрю аппарат совсем без амортизаторов, не будет ли разбивать я ходовая часть? Судя по всему масса конструкции будет не маленькая.
atomichurley 9 місяців tagasi
awesome work man
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Oliver Auksmaa
Oliver Auksmaa 9 місяців tagasi
Välimus on väga äge. Kunas testsõitu võiks näha?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Siis, kui aeg sinnamaale jõuab. 😆
MrAJWorks 9 місяців tagasi
Steve Armendariz sr
Steve Armendariz sr 9 місяців tagasi
Great work and thanks for sharing the details of your videos
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Thank you very much for watching!
Dave Anderson
Dave Anderson 9 місяців tagasi
Excellent. Maybe make the scoop lower and longer, perhaps wider in the front and narrowed in the rear. Love the build!
Del Teó
Del Teó 9 місяців tagasi
Elevator 9 місяців tagasi
Great progress I’m a fabricator too I would be seeing holes in my sleep after all of the vent panels.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Eric Fogleman
Eric Fogleman 9 місяців tagasi
hope your scoop only scoops air
Lord Ronin, The Compassionate
Lord Ronin, The Compassionate 9 місяців tagasi
Looking good. Well done and thanks for sharing.
Jeff Held
Jeff Held 9 місяців tagasi
Looking good!
Jeff Held
Jeff Held 9 місяців tagasi
Hook a piece of wire or small chain to the red emergency shut off key. That way if it pops out while you are on the trail it won’t get lost.
Robert Hawthorne
Robert Hawthorne 9 місяців tagasi
Can’t wait to see paint, nice work.
William Collins
William Collins 9 місяців tagasi
Expanded metal or shaker grate would save a whole lot of connect the dot !!! Aggervation !!!!
Dan Burch
Dan Burch 9 місяців tagasi
I'd be surprised if if did float. However, as heavy as I think it will be, it will be one hell of a tank!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 9 місяців tagasi
Once again - the bottom narrow half of the tub between the wheels displaces 1.5 ton of water. To sink this sucker it should weigh around two tons or have a massive hole in the wall somewhere which it doesn't. It will float.
AppleAlfons 9 місяців tagasi
Cant wait to see the tracks on
BangOlafson 9 місяців tagasi
You may need some forced ventilation. Built a 3 kW generator box a while ago. Needed a 300 mm wall fan to keep the box cool inside. You have about 3 or 4 times as much power in this little metal box :) Ever considered a bilge pump? What will you do for exhaust? I went for marine supplies and got an exhaust hose and a boat exhaust tip. Three weeks well worth waiting for...
Adrian Novo Fernandez
Adrian Novo Fernandez 9 місяців tagasi
Eres un gran técnico
DS Splicer
DS Splicer 9 місяців tagasi
Nice work. I'd like to see a more complete list of the products you use. Never saw that marker before, for instance - caught it in a frame and was able to look it up. Would like to know what grinder discs you are using, particularly for rust removal.
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