Fabricating Blade Guide Mounts - Band Sawmill Build #18

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Donn DIY

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Latest video: eepost.info/my/video/o2-LdnVnopKFuos.html
This time I'm fabricating the fully adjustable mounts for the blade guide rollers so I can change the attack angle of the blade in the wood when cutting and the toe in and toe out of the guide rollers. Also the height of the guides is fully adjustable. Check it out!
Pomade - Silent Partner (EEpost Audio Library)

Markum 2020
Markum 2020 2 päeva tagasi
good job broo....!!
Rene Van Egmond
Rene Van Egmond 2 місяці tagasi
How muts tension you have on the blade. My blade rolt of the wheels
Rodolfo Gonzales
Rodolfo Gonzales 2 місяці tagasi
Do you make IT for sale?
Макс Молоток
Макс Молоток 2 місяці tagasi
понятно почему у темного рыцаря-мотоцикл примерно такой же конструкции-он в свободное время распиловывает лес. Ништяк!!!
Marcilio Bachiete
Marcilio Bachiete 3 місяці tagasi
Quanto custa. Essa. Maquina. Manda mensagens pra mim. Ok
Scotty La Bauve
Scotty La Bauve 4 місяці tagasi
Cant beat a man with many trades. Great job on the details on building fine job.
jorge espinosa
jorge espinosa 6 місяців tagasi
what kind of welding machin do you use?
AIon 6 місяців tagasi
Very good. Thanks😊
Bijay Kumar
Bijay Kumar 9 місяців tagasi
Mai jharkhand se hu Mujhe a masin chaahiye mera nam vijay kumar mobail n 6206531837 col jarur karna
Md Abul
Md Abul 9 місяців tagasi
Net swomill pris
Александр А
Александр А 10 місяців tagasi
Не понял, для чего было делать такую сложную конструкцию подвижного ролика...
Brien Rice
Brien Rice 10 місяців tagasi
So strange that I can't kick the habit of looking away when you strike an arc...weird.
Mr Jonas
Mr Jonas 10 місяців tagasi
A true craftsman :)
Абдулазиз 1
Абдулазиз 1 10 місяців tagasi
aziz iz таджикистан ,гуд гуд.
D14S Channel
D14S Channel Aasta tagasi
I have question about what were you doing at minute 5:33, I want to know what it's that, and what for?
Nava Felp
Nava Felp 3 місяці tagasi
i think he is correcting the crooked metal frame, in the video number 16 you can see in the min 2:10, and why he is doing that maybe is because of the guide of the saw have a easy time doing hiss job.
Micke J
Micke J Aasta tagasi
Thanks again for a good video with inspirational segments. Darn, I can almost read your markings being Swedish. Just the spoken language would take some getting used to :D
aleksandr gusew
aleksandr gusew Aasta tagasi
много коментов на русском не посадили бы чувака за передачу секретных данных)
Lulu 1
Lulu 1 Aasta tagasi
FICA DICA: Amigo, a mistura metade de limpool e metade de água é ótimo e barato para usar na broca, libera melhor a limária, que óleo e refrigera melhor, quase igual o produto para tornearia
ImpactoDelSur Enterprise
ImpactoDelSur Enterprise Aasta tagasi
Why would you want to adjust the toe of the roller?
Morgan Adair
Morgan Adair Aasta tagasi
I know that you take pride in what you do and you should. I speak one language poorly and your multilingual. Congrats to you
Seth Ellis
Seth Ellis Aasta tagasi
Donn, I'm just collecting materials to start my build. I've seen a number of wheel adjustment (tilt/angle) as well as tension mechanisms. Can you share what adjustments you built in and how much adjustment travel is needed for things like "roll" and "yaw?" It seems to me that if the wheels are really parallel and have a dome profile the blade will always center at the top without major adjustments. I'm just not sure what adjustments are most necessary. On my regular band saw there is adjustment forward and aft for the top of the upper wheel only. Could those adjustments be made on drive wheel only so the tension wheel is only moves in a single access or should there be adjustment capability on both wheels independently?
Seth Ellis
Seth Ellis Aasta tagasi
Sweet. Yeah that helps. I was thinking trailer tires because they are high pressure and have a good crown as well. Might use trailer hubs too. Will keep my eyes open for a street bike as the smooth profile may be better. Will think through the dual adjustment a little more. Thanks so much.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
I built in adjustment for both wheels independently, it helps to play around with the band positioning. If you use motorcycle wheels the blade will stay nicely on the top of the round profile - velocity is the highest, so it kinda holds the blade up there. Using motorcycle swing arms on both wheel will give you the adjusting but blade tensioning should be independent from band tracking adjustmenr. I hope this info helps!
Dozy Aasta tagasi
Молодец! Всё понятно и толково !!!
Дмитрий К
Дмитрий К Aasta tagasi
Everything is great, I'm glad I have found your channel and I enjoy watching. But please less welding in videos or hide gleams somehow. It'll save our eyes and screens and your camera too.
Joseph Böhme
Joseph Böhme Aasta tagasi
you may not know this but your wheels should have mass so that they can press through the logs. Must not lose momentum. With blade size you have should be over 10 hp
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
The petrol engine has 15 HP. Now I have alloy wheels on the mill, should be a bit heavier than these spoke wheels.
Joseph Böhme
Joseph Böhme Aasta tagasi
Square Tubing wall thickness is too thin. Should be solid like a rock for 0 vibration.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
There's no vibration, I have cut good quality material with this mill already, it has saved me a ton of money.
Sisanto Santo
Sisanto Santo Aasta tagasi
Kontol you lemot video gk beres2
Михаил Соковиков
Михаил Соковиков Aasta tagasi
Парень знает своё дело! Молодец! Палец вверх!
Edvinas Edvins
Edvinas Edvins Aasta tagasi
Hallo from Lithuania :)
Niko Sofian
Niko Sofian Aasta tagasi
@Donn DIY,,,, saya mau beli, harga berapa
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Rodevaldo Guemra
Rodevaldo Guemra 2 aastat tagasi
Boa tarde ! Gostaria de saber se vc tem o projeto desse seu moinho , tenho planos de fazer um pra mim aqui no Brasil
Io Po
Io Po 11 місяців tagasi
Charles Merritt
Charles Merritt 2 aastat tagasi
Most talented young man i have ever seen good at welding along with machine work. i wish i were half as good .thanks for info.from Illinois USA.
Sergio Al-Azan
Sergio Al-Azan 2 aastat tagasi
livinlos1 2 aastat tagasi
fantastic milled guides.....
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Benny ofAtlanta
Benny ofAtlanta 2 aastat tagasi
enjoyed watching you make the sawmill - have watched it 3 times - seen these mills in all colors - why be not be unique and paint it white?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Cheers man. There is actually a Swedish mill that's partially painted white. I was thinking of going with the "not Wood-Mizer but Donn DIY" orange. :D Or whatever paint I have at hand when I eventually come to painting the mill.
Federico Federico
Federico Federico 2 aastat tagasi
Отличная работа!
Ariel Gonzalez
Ariel Gonzalez 2 aastat tagasi
Very good
Bobby Jackson
Bobby Jackson 2 aastat tagasi
I like it better than good !!
OneVeryOrdinaryMan 2 aastat tagasi
Interesting to see your version of blade guides. - Good works!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Bobby Jackson
Bobby Jackson 2 aastat tagasi
I would like you to make my saw !
Yuriy 2 aastat tagasi
Weld Weld
Weld Weld 2 aastat tagasi
Real nice
Will Wade
Will Wade 2 aastat tagasi
The way you made that guide slider looks like you lost some height in your cutting area. Looks as if you had brought it straight down you would still have a wider cutting area then you would tall
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
You're forgetting the blade tensioning sliding frame that takes up the space and I had to route the sliding roller frame around it.
elijuseee 2 aastat tagasi
Hello from Lithuania :-)
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Hi from Estonia. :D
Adrian O
Adrian O 2 aastat tagasi
Are you going to ride through "Suchowola",The centre of europe? While your trip to Lithuania?
Adrian O
Adrian O 2 aastat tagasi
That would be nice, i look forward your trip :p
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
No, we didn't ride through Poland, Suchowola, since we started from Estonia. But we might ride through Suchowola when we go to Romania in July this year.
Marles pl
Marles pl 2 aastat tagasi
Eye Toldyoosso
Eye Toldyoosso 2 aastat tagasi
Enjoy your trip man...;-p
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
I did! Extremely fun. Exhausting, but fun. ;)
Andrew Browner
Andrew Browner 2 aastat tagasi
might say the shop has taken a real "Evolution" still on the first carbide blade for the saw or got a new one? also where do you buy all you abrasives from you must go through alot of cut off and flap disks
Andrew Browner
Andrew Browner 2 aastat tagasi
yeah i chuck my 9" disks down the the 5" once theyll fit in the guard, the dry cut saws like pretty even slowish pressure, some people goway too slow though and just heat up the blade and make splinters instead of chips guy near me sharpens my carbide blades its about 12$ canadian per blade and 2-3$ per tooth he brazes on, he has bins of different size carbide teeth and oxy acetylene to brace new ones on
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
I changed recently the blade because knowing me I was experimenting again - I wanted to find out how fast I can feed the blade into the material until the blade caught and yanked itself to a halt after putting too much pressure on it, the blade spun on the motor shaft and chipped a couple of teeth on the blade as a result. So checking whether the blade is tightened properly or not would make a great difference before using the saw after purchase. I just buy the abrasive discs from a local hardware store. I buy them for the big grinder (230 mm-ish in diameter) - the prices are sometimes even lover per piece than on the small ones. I use a disc until it fits on the small one and put it on the small grinder and then use it to the victorious end. So I pretty much get two usages out of each abrasive disc.
Николай Михайлович
Николай Михайлович 2 aastat tagasi
очень интересная конструкция очень основательно! всем добра и терпения
رافد البزاز
رافد البزاز 2 aastat tagasi
دخيل ربك شجاي اسوي
Soul Brother's
Soul Brother's 2 aastat tagasi
What country makes that brand is that MITAS ( on tire? ) I have bought MITAS tires for my Quad and its said Made in Serbia ?!
Allen W
Allen W 2 aastat tagasi
Donni, I think I seen a ghost. Put I think your OK, seemed to be helpful. Might had even been female, maybe! Loving the build. Hahah
christophe vaurs
christophe vaurs 2 aastat tagasi
Bon travail, mais il me semble que tu te complique la vie pour ton support de guidage.
Matas Budava
Matas Budava 2 aastat tagasi
Greetings from Lithuania :) your are great !!
MrBusbahnhof 2 aastat tagasi
hey can you post some short update on the evolution saw please? What about the blade? You did quite some cuts wiith it now...
Atticus Draco
Atticus Draco 2 aastat tagasi
doesn't even have to be a whole vid just mention what he thinks of it during the build vid I imagine he is content with it tho, considering he hasn't complained about it
Wayne Crews
Wayne Crews 2 aastat tagasi
I wish you nothing but sunny skies and tailwinds for your ride this weekend and I look forward to the continuation of the build as it progresses and I continue to wonder why the one wheel is lower than the other.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Oh, sh*t, I forgot to mention in the video why one wheel is lower. It's for keeping the blade tension on the movable blade guide to keep it rolling instead of sliding. The farther you move the guide from the left wheel the lower the blade tension gets and the more it wants to not contact the blade. So although it gives the sawmill a crooked look it is meant for keeping the cut accurate. :D I hope you understand my babbling.
Titan Studios
Titan Studios 2 aastat tagasi
Yes another portable sawmill video, been looking forward to this all day. Keep up the awesome work and awesome content. Pretty good !!
Werner Pfeifer
Werner Pfeifer 2 aastat tagasi
super project but you need a workbench...1m high
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
I will build a proper work bench for the rebuilt shop. I just have to use what I have right now till the sawmill is more or less finished and out of the way.
Redneck Mfg.
Redneck Mfg. 2 aastat tagasi
Your Helper must be in ""The Witness Protection Program"" …. As always - good progress and Awesome Build & Amazing Edit...
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Yes, he's shy and thinks that the girls will storm him on the streets when I show his face on EEpost. :D
Everton Raimundo
Everton Raimundo 2 aastat tagasi
Bravo 👏👏
Larry Downes
Larry Downes 2 aastat tagasi
I am having a bouncing problem on my adjustable guide arm so I am very interested in how you do this great job so far
Larry Downes
Larry Downes 2 aastat tagasi
Thanks enjoy the trip
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
This guide arm will have adjustable bearings underneath the sliding frame so I can minimize the slack on it. And since it's attached via three points it should be more stable. But that's just a theory, I will see that in the beginning of the next week when I get back to it. Thanks for watching. I appreciate it! ;)
Mortemar 2 aastat tagasi
C'est des hirondelles qu'on entend ?
Maximiliano Pavez
Maximiliano Pavez 2 aastat tagasi
Hola amigo querido felicidades y saludame
HRDRCK69 2 aastat tagasi
really awesome to see this coming together, i always look forward to the next one
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Kamikaze Kruzer
Kamikaze Kruzer 2 aastat tagasi
heee, love the shot on the blade, and the one outside, it is beautiful there! Could you do a shot with a small log that shows how it will work? i am a bit lost :)
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
The log will rest on the trailer and is cut by the mowing saw head and the band saw blade and that's it. There's just million small thing to do that doesn't show from a far so everything lines up. But I will get there and you'll see how it works. Or doesn't. :D
Dirk Kamminga
Dirk Kamminga 2 aastat tagasi
Pretttyyyyy gooooooddddd
Our Holiday Experiences
Our Holiday Experiences 2 aastat tagasi
Marion Makarewicz
Marion Makarewicz 2 aastat tagasi
I bet that you are pretty good at Tetris! Always intriguing to see what you come up with. Safe travels this weekend.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Cheers, thanks for the good wishes!
nick d
nick d 2 aastat tagasi
Looks great!! Have fun riding the murder cycle (that’s what I call mine) Have fun this week end and be safe
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
That's what I call mine too. Thanks, I will!
Helder Lacerda
Helder Lacerda 2 aastat tagasi
Very good.
leemer1 2 aastat tagasi
Cant wait to see this thing cutting slabs. Pretty good!
leemer1 2 aastat tagasi
Donn DIY of every project video you made not a single project has sucked.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Me neither. Maybe it sucks and doesn't cut anything. :D We'll find that out and I will not hide the possible failure. But I have my hopes up nevertheless. :D
Matti Lavila
Matti Lavila 2 aastat tagasi
Hienoa, kiitos videoista.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Kiitos kun katsoit! Thanks for watching! I used Google Translator so the Finnish sentence might be off a little. ;)
pawelaco 2 aastat tagasi
you do great work
Carsten Andersen
Carsten Andersen 2 aastat tagasi
Thank you for sharing your amazing video
Reivo Väärtnõu
Reivo Väärtnõu 2 aastat tagasi
Lase aga videodel lennata;)#FÄNN
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Hahaa! Tänks, et viitsisid vaadata. ;)
Gaizka Zalduendo
Gaizka Zalduendo 2 aastat tagasi
Nice job! Greetings from the Basque Country!
G Duncan
G Duncan 2 aastat tagasi
Donn my friend, this build is awesome, real quality work, good to hear you have swallows in your shed too, they returned to mine last month and brought the sunshine with them, keep up the good work
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Yes, they are a loud bunch and occasionally eclipse the sunshine with the small packages they deliver even on the fly. :D But I do enjoy the fact that they are back which means the Summer is starting soon.
Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer 2 aastat tagasi
*Lithuania* is watching
Venan 2 aastat tagasi
Good work, i waiting for next part😁
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Cheers, I wait for it too! :D
harry halfgas
harry halfgas 2 aastat tagasi
Don't watercooled?
El Rayo X
El Rayo X 2 aastat tagasi
Your brother's head is enormous. He seems happy though!
Daniel D
Daniel D 2 aastat tagasi
greggy weggy Too tight?🤔
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
This smiley face barely hides his actual huge noggin. :D
Bobby Tectalabyss
Bobby Tectalabyss 2 aastat tagasi
And my wife would tell me to keep my eyes somewhere else and of course the death stare our wife's give us.
greggy weggy
greggy weggy 2 aastat tagasi
As my wife would say, "Its a Boy Thing"
Bobby Tectalabyss
Bobby Tectalabyss 2 aastat tagasi
Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed .
Lion Hans
Lion Hans 2 aastat tagasi
افكار جيدة تستحق المشاهدة🇮🇶👍🌷🌹
يارب يارب
يارب يارب 2 aastat tagasi
Very good
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