DRIVELINE TEST! - Tracked Amphibious Vehicle Build Ep. 10

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This episode brings you installing of the Rotek V-twin 20 HP engine, fabricating a driveshaft, trying out different seats for the pilot of this tracked vehicle, supporting the clutch shaft with a pillow block bearing. After filling the gearbox and the differential with oil again and connecting the battery I start this beast up and try out all the gears and see how the CVT and the rest of the driveline actually works. See it for yourself and watch the video! Cheers!
#donndiy #homemade #trackedvehicle
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Welding equipment:
Fronius TransSteel 2700
Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet

georgianbents 5 päeva tagasi
Love your videos. Watched the majority of them so far and appreciate your ideas and skills. I'm also impressed with your video skills. I understand that English is a second language for you. Regarding English, I wanted to tell you about "dampers' and "dampeners". A "damper" is usually a small plate or baffle that is used to restrict airflow, like on the front of a stove or in a chimney pipe. A "dampener" is a device that absorbs or lessens vibrations.
Mohammad Abou-Basha
Mohammad Abou-Basha 23 päeva tagasi
@16:35 I don't think those couplers will last long, becuase they work on an angle all the time, and this makes the bearning mechanism inside it wear so quicly. Usually couplers are designed to be straight most of the time while the vehicle is in its ideal mode (weight and speed)
HASAN RAZA KHAN AZHARI 3 місяці tagasi
sir send me your email
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther 3 місяці tagasi
driveline test
B Nagappa
B Nagappa 3 місяці tagasi
ERKULES ERKULES 3 місяці tagasi
unogazzy84 3 місяці tagasi
I know this is an old video but could you add another bearing to the shaft inside the bellhousing?
carlos vasconcelos
carlos vasconcelos 6 місяців tagasi
O cara é fera.
Обманутый Беларус
Обманутый Беларус 6 місяців tagasi
Лукас если нашёл русский комментарий
Ross Russell
Ross Russell 8 місяців tagasi
A metal cutting bandsaw will probably save you a lot of money and time.
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther 9 місяців tagasi
Driveline Test
Shane Forsythe
Shane Forsythe 9 місяців tagasi
the drive shaft is fine, but i would put it in a 100mm steel pipe and 2 , 50mm wide x 6mm thick flat bar straps over it to protect you should anything break, it be like a bat that's flailing wildly.
Jason Scott
Jason Scott 9 місяців tagasi
I've replaced two-piece tail shafts with homemade single piece ones a couple of times now. I think they must have to be pretty badly out of balance to get vibration problems.
David Littlefield
David Littlefield 10 місяців tagasi
Love the fully reclining seat feature!
Section 8 Motor pool
Section 8 Motor pool 10 місяців tagasi
Hard mount the engine and trans together then, put that on rubber. That will make it so you can also have an effective input shaft brake on the trans.
catalin calaretu
catalin calaretu 10 місяців tagasi
CONGRATULATIONS. From what comes the pulley on the engine. I do not find in my country a 28mm axle shaft. Thanks !
MR Brewster
MR Brewster 11 місяців tagasi
Well done sir, I've been watching for sometime now and you are doing an excellent job on this keep it up.
Thomas O'Hanlon
Thomas O'Hanlon 11 місяців tagasi
Well done, the only issue I see is your axle those U-joints are on to much of an angle for u-joints to be affective you want that line as strait as possible. The fix slide the axle to the rear until the shaft is strait, the little up down line is not as much an issue as the two angles were. Hope this helps. That driveshaft should be a straight line if not it will fail at its weakest link. Fix is move axel so dif is in line with shaft. I hope you are caging the shaft. I also notice you are setting this up as a tracked vehicle yet I do not see any way to adjust the tension on the tracks which you will have to do.
Loshko86 Aasta tagasi
omg, pewds has gone into the minds of great mechanics now xD silliness aside, i've been captivated by this build from randomly stumbling upon it at.. episode 3? xD
Brian Davis
Brian Davis Aasta tagasi
How does it turn of both sides are powered by the same diff?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Side brakes.
Joseph D Anderson
Joseph D Anderson Aasta tagasi
Wow, what I would give to able to come work with you and learn from you! If I could afford to buy some of tools and equipment you have, and then have you teach me for two or three months! As I've said before, you sir are talented!
DaHammahs 808
DaHammahs 808 Aasta tagasi
Good job.👌🏼
Ho Bui
Ho Bui Aasta tagasi
Lupuz Custom
Lupuz Custom Aasta tagasi
ur work is beautiful,,,,and ur tool is complete
Graham Spinks
Graham Spinks Aasta tagasi
A fascinating project. I wish I had the space to undertake something like this. Well done!
greenboy Aasta tagasi
you are right Donn anyone can easely earn cash but craftiness is not that easy to get ...nice work by the way
quiclist Aasta tagasi
cool so far not bad no slip yoke on drive line 2nd axle with rubber was awesome i woulda ran the first and noted the design rebuild
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell Aasta tagasi
I love your work!!! Beautiful craftsmanship! Absolutely amazing! The design of the rear axel is going to wear those CV’s like crazy and rob power like crazy!!! It should be straight across!
cari duit
cari duit Aasta tagasi
Good job
كامل ريكو
كامل ريكو Aasta tagasi
فعلاً عمل منتاز للغاية لقد تم الفكرة و صحة وهنا على أتم العمل الرائع
Miguel Benito Ibañez
Miguel Benito Ibañez Aasta tagasi
you are a machine man, a robot don´t can do that.
Krister Emtweden
Krister Emtweden Aasta tagasi
I love your build but there is ONE thing that makes my skin crawl.... When you drill a hole in a tube and that hole is for suporting somthing that will take some force.. ALWAYS make a sleeve. make the hole bigge so the sleeve fits, weld it in place... tupes collaps if you donät put the sleeve in them...
Семья Фотинят
Семья Фотинят Aasta tagasi
Идея с крестовинами огонь.
Daniel Andrews
Daniel Andrews Aasta tagasi
I caught this video with part 3 and binge watched the entire series. Unfortunately I will need to wait for the rest of the assembly process as of today (10-23-2019), the videos end with episode 11. Will definately mark this so I can come back to it.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
I will upload part 12 on Friday this week. Stay tuned!
Creative Hands DİY
Creative Hands DİY Aasta tagasi
FALKLAN Aasta tagasi
Not only do I support replacing the couplings, I also suggest that you weld up the rear differential and convert it into a posi track rear end.
FALKLAN Aasta tagasi
Honda AWD system...
FALKLAN Aasta tagasi
However, a computer controlled system can definitely mitigate the power-to-wheel problem?
FALKLAN Aasta tagasi
I do not know how to solve the limited slip rear end dilemma. A multi-clutch system is prone to failure...
Дарго Мур
Дарго Мур Aasta tagasi
The rubber coupling on the cardan will fly apart quickly, it is NOT designed to work at an angle!
Aleksandr Surikov
Aleksandr Surikov Aasta tagasi
Сделай титры на русском.
mrgoodtimes05 Aasta tagasi
How is it going turn?
Ricky Nunnery
Ricky Nunnery Aasta tagasi
needs a locker in the diff
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
The steering is through the differential, can't lock it.
Adrian Cuevas Arana
Adrian Cuevas Arana Aasta tagasi
Que tonto DIY
paul martin
paul martin Aasta tagasi
Great stuff ! It's really coming along now. I like the way you just get on with the job without over explaining everything you do ! Keep em coming ! Worth the wait. Peace from Australia And as always PREEETY GOOOOD!
paul martin
paul martin Aasta tagasi
@Donn DIY Most welcome!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Thanks mate!
Pelle Aasta tagasi
олег березин
олег березин Aasta tagasi
Pavlik Morozov
Pavlik Morozov Aasta tagasi
И вроде всё достаточно пиздато, но всё ровно какаето хуйня
Ведро КомпрессиИ
Ведро КомпрессиИ Aasta tagasi
недочетов очень много. на главной паре на кпп убет быстро конические подшибники. и привода сильно на излом
ALI AL-SARKHI Aasta tagasi
matias ferraresi
matias ferraresi Aasta tagasi
Me gustan tus vídeos hermano .me suscribo a tu canal .
fun fast
fun fast Aasta tagasi
dear sir.. awesome engineering..sound like your work..
Super Gold
Super Gold Aasta tagasi
Лучше картошка сажаль вы . Зато осеню уражай будеть. Тольк нету сколько времия и труд . Конце концов результат нету . нол. За такой сумму 12.000€ купил вы б.у 12-15.авто из германи . И всё.
Wildan panca setiawan
Wildan panca setiawan Aasta tagasi
Waow. Jadi penasaran video kelanjutannya
Petko Radulov
Petko Radulov Aasta tagasi
Браво страхотен дизайн....Успехи за напред..
Eemeli Immonen
Eemeli Immonen Aasta tagasi
Nice work you have done! I'm very proud! 👍🤘😎😊
Lazy A-Hole Ranch
Lazy A-Hole Ranch Aasta tagasi
Beautiful welding ❤️ also your subtitles are not needed. Your English is excellent.
noar jn
noar jn Aasta tagasi
Part 11 ??? 🤔🤔
music world Ramos
music world Ramos Aasta tagasi
Great work man
حيدرلشمري حيدرلشمري
حيدرلشمري حيدرلشمري Aasta tagasi
Евгений Игоревич Потапов
Евгений Игоревич Потапов Aasta tagasi
Ничего не понял, но аппарат прикольный 👍👍
jon burnley
jon burnley Aasta tagasi
im hoping to see finished build with body /tracks etcetera ?
Мизантроп Aasta tagasi
Эстонский Левша ))) случайно наткнулся на одно видео , понравился подход к работе , все аккуратно , с толком с расстановкой , бросил все дела , пересмотрел все серии )))
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle Aasta tagasi
Did you mean; Estonian Lefty))) accidentally stumbled upon one video, liked the approach to work, everything was neat, properly arranged, dropped everything, reviewed the whole series
brazidec cyrille
brazidec cyrille Aasta tagasi
good job man !!!
снайпер Викторович
снайпер Викторович Aasta tagasi
Привет сегодня будет видео
886luke Aasta tagasi
Building a project like this always beats buying it! Plus you can customize it for maintenance and fit. 👍 keep it coming bud, if i was closer I would totally want to help you build this!
cmsracing Aasta tagasi
The engine appears to be moving on the rubber mounts you made, eliminate them and that will eliminate the "flex". The drive shaft will not need balancing at the speeds you will be going.
Chydik Aasta tagasi
Привет. Так как я тоже делаю такие вездеходы, хотел поделиться. Резиновая муфта которая идет от заднего кардана, она развалиться через парку километров, так как привод который идет на шрус к кпп, угол излома этой резинки большой, а его не должно быть. С редуктора на задние колеса на кардане тоже угол слишком большой,так как это сочленение не равных угловых скоростей, и при маленькой скорости при повороте, будет двигаться рывками. Я не знаю понимаете вы меня то что пишу или нет, но лучше это сразу исправить. чем потом все крашеное переделывать.
Roberto Zalazar
Roberto Zalazar Aasta tagasi
Exelente amigo..!!
Catch EPSTIEN BARR VIRUs Aasta tagasi
....hi Donn ...if u having shaft rotory balancing problems.. Sus out dynamic balancing.. ring fill with small ball steel balls.. .. I want to make1 n test .. out of 15mm sqar tubing ..rolled ..tiged..n..filler cap..n..vv heavy oil thick..n..small steel balls say2..3mm max dia..
Валентина Вітченко
Валентина Вітченко Aasta tagasi
Давайте не будем осуждать чужие решения, на ошибках учаться. Ничего страшного в этом нет, все конструкторские решения доводятся до ума в процессе испытаний. Если и есть где-то ошибка она исправима. Молодец продолжай в том же духе!!!
Os Sem Nomal 2
Os Sem Nomal 2 Aasta tagasi
Oi sou brasileiro
Martin Lavoie
Martin Lavoie Aasta tagasi
Awesome build and I think nothing better then building something you’re self. I bilt my son a go kart nothing as elaborate as you’re build but it goes like stink and my son loves it and I can say I engineered something
3N E7
3N E7 Aasta tagasi
This guy likes to complicate simple things. . . . . Not at all environmentally friendly. . . .
Mees Metsast
Mees Metsast Aasta tagasi
Plasmalõikur+CNC=vähem relakaid.
James Gulrich
James Gulrich Aasta tagasi
Buy?? But the name of the channel is "You should build it!" Well, maybe not the name but that's the message you give us all.
Максим Писарев
Максим Писарев Aasta tagasi
ШРУС нее, не слышал.
Christian Alegre
Christian Alegre Aasta tagasi
Que trabajo que te has hecho. Y las herramientas son las herramientas. No hay vuelta de hoja. Sin ellas y las habilidades necesarias y las ganas . No sé logran .
Michigan Road Map Stories
Michigan Road Map Stories Aasta tagasi
You build it because you can!
Иван Амбруш
Иван Амбруш Aasta tagasi
ни..уя он его не до делает он в конце головой сильно ударился
Иван Амбруш
Иван Амбруш Aasta tagasi
если бы русскому крестьянину дали инструмент и такие возможности . немцы во всем бы отстали . Посмотрите в деревнях без сварки и без станков алкаши какие трактора собирают. А если им дать такой инструмент как у них они вопще пить бросят. И боинги начнут дома делать на продажу
Redneck Mfg.
Redneck Mfg. Aasta tagasi
But, Can you do This.... LOL --- GO BIG OR GO HOME !!!! You sure do like a Big challenge … and you make it look so EZ … The Band Saw and now this …. Amazing !!!! Love watching you do what your doing !!!!
worknites Aasta tagasi
I guess all of your planing payed off.
Daniel Nixon
Daniel Nixon Aasta tagasi
Thank you for turning away when you weld. Some only close there eyes. But the rays still pass through your eye lids. Just saying. We don't want welders burn. That sucks to
علي الشيخ
علي الشيخ Aasta tagasi
شكرا لك عمل رائع
محمد يرويحتي
محمد يرويحتي Aasta tagasi
Алексей Алексеевич
Алексей Алексеевич Aasta tagasi
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell Aasta tagasi
It’s a beauty! Very very good! I think the rear axel will be required to be a positive traction. It appears the right side is not turning the same speed as the left! On the screen it looks as if the motors drive is not alined with the centrifugal mechanism! BUT LENSES DO THAT SO IT MAYBE A CHROMATIC ABERRATION! Your rear axel is going to eat Universal joints!
Greg Butler
Greg Butler Aasta tagasi
You have such knowledgeable videos ... you detail everything you do. Recycle/Repurpose should be your middle name! Please keep up the great work! Thank you.
Дим Аралбаев
Дим Аралбаев Aasta tagasi
Пропускай некоторые скучные моменты.
pvdl Aasta tagasi
ça fait plaisir de voir un jeune aussi doué et passionné !
popperbits Aasta tagasi
That's some interesting angles on the drivetrain, wonder what the vibration factor will be when completed. Fun to watch it coming together!
Dozer B
Dozer B Aasta tagasi
I wish you were my shop teacher in high school! Your build is pretty bad ass. GREAT WORK AND GREAT VIDEOS!
H G Aasta tagasi
فنّان ومحترف
саша кристел
саша кристел Aasta tagasi
what gearbox is this??
Yasniel Marcos Zaldivar
Yasniel Marcos Zaldivar Aasta tagasi
Me gusta . Ya q aquí ponen cosas interesantes .....q decir
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood Aasta tagasi
Excelente trabalho 👍
Will Wade
Will Wade Aasta tagasi
If you had welded a smaller piece to the adapter you made then as you drilled the final size it would have come loose from the adapter onto the drill bit saving you some grinding.
Grigoriy Torohov
Grigoriy Torohov Aasta tagasi
Мужик твой кордан выглядит плохо
Making it Happen
Making it Happen Aasta tagasi
Kui ostate midagi, ostsite just selle. Kui olete midagi ehitanud, on see saavutus. If you buy something, you just bought it. If you have built something, it is an achievement.
Рустам Джанкабулов
Рустам Джанкабулов Aasta tagasi
не пойму он англоговорящий русский? откуда у него запчасти от жигулей?
Владислав Николаевич
Владислав Николаевич Aasta tagasi
Seth Schueller
Seth Schueller Aasta tagasi
have you looked into using delrin for engine mounts?
Евгений Гуряшин
Евгений Гуряшин Aasta tagasi
Только русский додумался так разметить отверстие. Красава
TheSanchesmi Aasta tagasi
Это не будет работать нормально,бешеные механические потери,вибрации и рывки прикончат эту трансмиссию очень быстро. Радиус поворота будет просто чудовищный из-за использования одиночного дифференциала. Если используешь автомобильный редуктор в качестве ГП иди до конца,глуши дифф и используй схему с бортовыми фрикционами.
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