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Welcome to the channel Donn DIY which I created seven years ago back when I was still working as a draftsman in a custom solid wood furniture company.
Unfortunately it was a dead-end job and I decided to quit and pursue the path of entrepreneurship in the beginning of 2013. This brought me to the making of trike tracks which I made a video about and decided to upload it to EEpost.
4 years ago, Spring 2014 gave me the first real bump in the views and made clear there's a possibility to turn presenting my practical and needed builds into additional income and support the way of living as a homesteader and a back yard mechanic. Since then I've built several practical projects that I've personally needed and made a bunch of repair and maintenance videos.
The upcoming year 2019 will have some smaller and bigger builds in store and OF COURSE - I cannot go on without motorcycle related content. NEVER.
If you find this channel interesting and beneficial please SUBSCRIBE, hit the BELL button and SHARE the videos with friends since this will keep it going also in the future. After all - IT'S FREE!
Thank you all and see you in the future videos!
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omniversling Aasta tagasi
YT algo sent me a vid on your sheet metal brake (I'm about to build one). I loved the look of your workshop too, so I looked at some of your other vids...and subbed. Super smart inventions and solutions there, nice stuff mate! Where in the world are you located? Greetings from SW Australia...
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
I'm in Estonia. Since the sheet metal brake project the workshop has been renovated. Much brighter and lighter environment to work in now. Thanks for checking in and watching some of the other videos too. I spent a couple of months in SW Australia working on a farm, 80 K-s from Esperance. It was a life changing experience for me. The hospitality of Australians is something else.
Hamzah Ancha
Hamzah Ancha Aasta tagasi
Jenius' n kreatif...👍😁👍
Yura Prysiazhniuk
Yura Prysiazhniuk Aasta tagasi
Прикольный канал! Ещё одно место, где можно получить вдохновения) С меня подписка! Hello from UA! ))
Abom79 Aasta tagasi
I saw your sub, so I had to check you out. Good stuff going on over there!
Scott K
Scott K Aasta tagasi
@Abom79, you discovered one of my top 3 favorites! (Yes, you're in there....) 😁
Jim Hamilton
Jim Hamilton Aasta tagasi
Great stuff, Donn love your workings
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Vitor Madeira
Vitor Madeira Aasta tagasi
Hi there! I just discovered your channel. EEpost suggested me your "From Barn to Workshop #7" video and I hat to subscribe right away! Thank you for all your content (there is so much PRECIOUS content to see in here!) and greetings from Portugal.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Thank you for subscribing and watching the videos. New video will be up on Saturday!
Dozer1642 Aasta tagasi
You have a new subscriber here. I own a woodmizer LT15wide with 30 feet of bed sections. It is my pride and joy. I love milling wood, it is so rewarding. The sawmill you built is amazing. You did a very good job designing and building it. I really like your idea for the log clamps. They are so much better than mine. Keep up the good work. 👍
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Alexey Gorsky
Alexey Gorsky Aasta tagasi
Adkiz69 Aasta tagasi
you sir are awesome! subscribed :D
Adkiz69 Aasta tagasi
@Donn DIY sure I will, I like the way you build your lumber mill. I need something simillar but smaller scale. My alaskan mill wont do
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Thank you very much. I hope you come back for more. Amphibious tracked vehicle build planned for the upcoming year. And also other things. Stay tuned. ;)
Сергей Кузнецов
Сергей Кузнецов Aasta tagasi
Классные видео
banditosp Aasta tagasi
I would rather call it a summary of 2018 :-)
BavarianWoodwork 2 aastat tagasi
Hey Donn what about an electrical feed? Greetings
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Maybe. Don't want to make things complicated though.
Mikey Boots
Mikey Boots 2 aastat tagasi
I Paddle My Own Canoe
I Paddle My Own Canoe 2 aastat tagasi
You always have good videos keep up the good work for the new year. 👍👍🇨🇦
Wood Man
Wood Man 2 aastat tagasi
What welder do you use?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Telwin Mastermig 220/2.
toxarz 2 aastat tagasi
Unsubscribed. and subscribed again like u wanted in video ! :D
ElectroMoto 2 aastat tagasi
Spot on! :)
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Tänud! ;)
PacoWang 2 aastat tagasi
Yeah that'll work
Robert Rowland
Robert Rowland 2 aastat tagasi
You have rocked an intro!!!
Sam I Am
Sam I Am 2 aastat tagasi
Let the good times roll!
Алихан Каурнукаев
Алихан Каурнукаев Aasta tagasi
CurlyG65 2 aastat tagasi
Very cool, when's the paint can cannon coming back out ?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Collecting cans. But as you know I don't paint much so it'll take some time. :D
A Forman
A Forman 2 aastat tagasi
"Pretty good!
Wayne Crews
Wayne Crews 2 aastat tagasi
Prey-ty Good 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Mc 44
Mc 44 2 aastat tagasi
Great job
Rain Coast
Rain Coast 2 aastat tagasi
Pretty good. : > )
Horatio Hornblower
Horatio Hornblower 2 aastat tagasi
Päris hea!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Tore, et meeldib!
OneVeryOrdinaryMan 2 aastat tagasi
You've outdone yourself with this Intro. Great video! - I would subscribe if I weren't already. :-)
Daniel Barnscher
Daniel Barnscher 2 aastat tagasi
Great inspirational Intro for 2019. And I thought Canada was cold....!!
OLD DAWG DREAMING 2 aastat tagasi
Not only is it free, it is great entertainment and great how to videos from a good craftsman. It has good vacation videos and good fun time videos too!! Pretty good! Thanks for sharing with us Donn. Keep up the good work.
Willem Streutgers
Willem Streutgers 2 aastat tagasi
Yes, keep the "Pretty Good" in your videos. Love them.
purask 2 aastat tagasi
macroflexi kahurit ei olnudki, nii kurb
Fava Fava
Fava Fava 2 aastat tagasi
Donn diy , one of the best vlogs out there . Keep up the excellent work . Like your new intro for 19 . Top guy . When you going to renovate the small excavator your father gave to you .
Josh The Tooldude
Josh The Tooldude 2 aastat tagasi
Awesome intro! Keep up the excellent videos!
Mxrider2stroke Braaap
Mxrider2stroke Braaap 2 aastat tagasi
Can’t wait for the projects in 2019! :D
David E Stelter
David E Stelter 2 aastat tagasi
great highlight's!
Livin' The Dream
Livin' The Dream 2 aastat tagasi
Very Nice....I Like!! (In Borats voice)
Hassan Al-Mosawi
Hassan Al-Mosawi 2 aastat tagasi
Weld Weld
Weld Weld 2 aastat tagasi
That’s right keep em coming 👍
Jan Krimberg
Jan Krimberg 2 aastat tagasi
millised plaanid siis tulevaks aastaks on ... ei jõu uusi videosi ära oodata...kihuta aga edasi.ja ära lase kellegil endale teisiti öelda ..väga tubli noorhärra oled ... keep going buddy....
Jan Krimberg
Jan Krimberg 2 aastat tagasi
@Donn DIY WOW siis tegemistest puudust ei üritan järgmise aasta jooksul majja sisse ära saada..aitab üürikast :P ...
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Loodetavasti käesoleva aasta lõpus lõpetan saunaprojekti pesuruumi (niiskustõke+viimistlus, vesi, ventilatsioon, elekter; väljas uus sild ja treppx3 verandale); tuleval aastal suuremateks asjadeks esmajoones töökoja ehitus + küttesüsteem, amfiibsõiduk, mini-ekskavaatori korrastamine jne. Tegemist on ühesõnaga. ;)
flatlinesup 2 aastat tagasi
Pretty good. :D
Guust 2 aastat tagasi
Good luck in 2019 👍👍
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 2 aastat tagasi
Cheers man!
Pogromca 2 aastat tagasi
Nice film :)
Erik 2 aastat tagasi
very cool
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