Cleaning Brick, Plastering Walls, Whitewash - Machine Shop Build Ep. 15

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Donn DIY

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Cleaning brick wall from old plaster in the machine shop, then re-plastering parts of the wall behind the workbench so it is easier to clean in the future. Ran out of plaster at 100 kg and ended up with the new plaster up to behind the wood and sawdust stove. Whitewash gives the room nice, warm and bright feeling. Also filming footage in 60 fps is much easier now - the end result is much brighter and easier on the eyes. This is part of my home improvement in the form of this workshop build. This old barn needs a total makeover or restoration to be honest. Everything needs to be renewed. That's what I try to accomplish over years to come. But for now my main focus is on steel projects though. So stay tuned, there's more to come. Thanks for watching!
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Татьяна Ларионова
Татьяна Ларионова Päev tagasi
Старые оконные блоки (окна) - как ложка дегтя в бочке меда((
Gene Goodman
Gene Goodman 5 місяців tagasi
You undertook a very hard job, I admire for keeping the old barn and repairing it. You are repairing or building whatever you need or want, this is great. As always your doing a beautiful job that you will be able to work in and stay warm. I’m trying to watch most of the shop build. Stay safe
Donn DIY
Donn DIY 5 місяців tagasi
You must have some serious patience watching the whole workshop build. But I thank you for that! New video this week - still working on the belt conveyor. 😉
Mud Quads Treisbach
Mud Quads Treisbach 6 місяців tagasi
Naja.... ;-)
Eren Kocbey
Eren Kocbey 8 місяців tagasi
I wish you could save the brick wall for nice decoration :(
Eric Inspiration
Eric Inspiration 10 місяців tagasi
You should have painted the OSB white as well to seal it and help with lighting, just a thought. Great job !
marcos araujo
marcos araujo 11 місяців tagasi
yiyo m
yiyo m Aasta tagasi
hola... quisiera saber porque tu estufa de calefaccion tiene dos recipientes?? y como funciona, por aqui tambien hece frio en epoca de invierno y las estufas tradicionales consumen mucha madera y es bueno aprender nuevas tecnicas de optimizacion, ... sigo todos tus videos y me gusta mucho la habilidad que tienes para constuir.... muy bueno y espero que temines cuanto antes el todo terreno
Oskars Bērziņš
Oskars Bērziņš Aasta tagasi
Greetings from Latvia. What is the price of that calcium powder in Estonia and isn’t it cracking on walls? Thank you.
Murphy E
Murphy E Aasta tagasi
Czech Beer :-) super 1*
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis Aasta tagasi
I envy your collection
Bahad Baloch
Bahad Baloch Aasta tagasi
This guy is poor like me. Good job bro. I like ur hardworking. Love and Respect from Balochistan ⚘
ford nut
ford nut Aasta tagasi
Where you from what country?
Agus Pramono
Agus Pramono Aasta tagasi
Multi talented 👍👍
Ser Beer
Ser Beer Aasta tagasi
Американский рукажоп ?
Денис Бирюков
Денис Бирюков Aasta tagasi
Ser Beer ты то я смотрю прямо профессионал... по пиздежу
Escuadron DE Mantenimiento
Escuadron DE Mantenimiento Aasta tagasi
Is art!
Alex Underwest
Alex Underwest Aasta tagasi
токарник Советкий
Roderick Barry
Roderick Barry Aasta tagasi
Man when do we see the machine shop as a finished item. Last I saw the lathe was on an old bit of flooring waiting to be shifted to allow new floor to be completed. I am anxious to see the hop layout!!!!
raptors316 Aasta tagasi
I have watch all of The Machine Shop Build, and I was well entertained, and so I subscribed. You are very skilled and your workmanship speaks volume. Looking forward to your other videos and future projects. Thank you so much for sharing with the world.
MrCrazydriver Aasta tagasi
when is the next episode coming up ?
Maria Webert
Maria Webert Aasta tagasi
Make more videos with motors
DBLG65 Aasta tagasi
I would've cleaned and pointed that brick. Give it a nice rustic look.
Beta Test
Beta Test Aasta tagasi
A whole range of emotions that I feel I must confess! I am impressed with your skills, your hard work, and your determination. I am depressed because I can't do those type of things anymore, or at least with the energy and tireless effort that you seemed to put into your work! Not to make this a long post I will just say that I am envious, jealous, amazed at what you have done! I think the most amazing thing is that you have done all of this or at least 95 to 99% by yourself! You sir have the energy of a five-year-old on a sugar Rush high!! Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your videos. I have watched most of them twice. Looking forward to more in the future! I would say good luck to you, but it's obvious you don't need any luck! Not with the skills that you have!
Rajesh Persad
Rajesh Persad Aasta tagasi
Nice work buddy
The Handyman Tv
The Handyman Tv Aasta tagasi
Great vid very well put together ! Nice work to 👷👍
IOnocTb Aasta tagasi
Помню, у меня так бабушка коровьем говном хату мазала.
Chydik Aasta tagasi
Говорят от этого теплее в доме будет)
chenzen Aasta tagasi
Good job
jair sales
jair sales Aasta tagasi
Nunca vi um aspirador de pó na construção. Trabalhou bastante e quase não sujou a roupa. Parabéns
Tatou Neetoreea
Tatou Neetoreea Aasta tagasi
Amateur work
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Absolutely, I didn't know what I was doing at all. My goal was to get the plaster sticking to the wall and make the surface smooth enough so I can vacuum clean it. That's all. Thanks for watching. ;)
Kevin James
Kevin James Aasta tagasi
richard orellana
richard orellana Aasta tagasi
Hola, buen trabajo amigo, saludos desde CHILE
valpertcafé Aasta tagasi
Hai fatto un lavoro inutile! Quel muro non è intonacato perché hai umidità di risalita, qualsiasi intonaco metterai marcirà staccandosi.
diy việt nam
diy việt nam Aasta tagasi
Norm Esmonde
Norm Esmonde Aasta tagasi
Well done 8 minute video how long did it take you in real time?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
A couple of days.
Agustin Roldan
Agustin Roldan Aasta tagasi
Buen trabajo poco a poco ya vas finalizando !!! 👍👍👌
Patrick Baitman
Patrick Baitman Aasta tagasi
I liked it better before. Many people pay big bucks to recreate the patina that wall had. It looked used and abused, just like a man cave should.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
I need light in the shop and white walls help a lot alongside proper lighting.
zweg1321 Aasta tagasi
Looks good
Peter195267 Aasta tagasi
Its coming on great, Donn. Is your background Engineering or building trade ?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
I'm a wood processing technologist by trade actually.
Александр Ф
Александр Ф Aasta tagasi
Таджиков бы нанял, недорого и качество лучше, чем сам.)) а если окна ещё помыть...
VAARRR1 Aasta tagasi
next step, change the window
jan1tuz Aasta tagasi
Is there a story behind the finnish lisenceplate? Your shop starting to look very good. 👍
Kevin Hornbuckle
Kevin Hornbuckle Aasta tagasi
Build a stud wall and put in some rigid insulation. Then plywood so you can hang tools on it.
Wayne Crews
Wayne Crews Aasta tagasi
The difference is astounding and will be so much better for your eyes and your videos. Your approach to the shop renewal is like eating an elephant. Just take one bite at a time. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Let there be lite!!! WOW what a difference you have made in the shop areas. It’s really looking good for sure. Sure do enjoy your videos. Thanks for sharing with us.
arkansas13 Aasta tagasi
That is quite an extensive repair/cleanup, well done!
prancstaman Aasta tagasi
The cleaning part always sucks, LOL. Looks good.
Back40 Bandit
Back40 Bandit Aasta tagasi
Your doing a wonderful job on the rebuild of the shop. Reminds me that I have a lot of work that I've been putting off. Keep up the good work. I subscribed.
Barton Robinson
Barton Robinson Aasta tagasi
Looks great Donn, maybe it's work you planned or work that caught up with you, either way..5123 thumbs up !!
Rick Haver
Rick Haver Aasta tagasi
Coming right along!
Wymer’s Handy Man Service
Wymer’s Handy Man Service Aasta tagasi
Looks like a totally different area. 👍👍
Johannes Fiftyeight
Johannes Fiftyeight Aasta tagasi
puncher davis
puncher davis Aasta tagasi
Hey young man! Watching you makes me wonder where youth went. IS the plaster you put up for looks or is there an insulation factor included. Also I would appreciate a longer video. Yes i know people whine about long videos but heck these bones barely got comfortable and it was all over (15 minutes is a great middle ground). Also what kind of paint are you using that comes for you to premix? In the USA everything is pre canned and made and u just shake it and go. That stove looks like it needs a nice makeover (yes like you need more projects). Ill be honest if I had walked in there and seen it. I would have looked at the motorbike and had to resist the call to ride in the wild. Great job by the way keep showing these younger kids what hard work will do for them. Keep it up look forward to the next video!
puncher davis
puncher davis Aasta tagasi
@Wayne Crews Thanks for that. Not sure if that's better then a good old primer in a can but it aint my country. Might just be how they do things over there.
Wayne Crews
Wayne Crews Aasta tagasi
puncher davis The “paint” he is mixing is a whitewash or lime wash as some people know it. The powder is usually pure lime and the mixing can at first be caustic which is likely why we don’t see it much in North America anymore.
Vaido Vaher
Vaido Vaher Aasta tagasi
Väga asjalik, kuna kui seinad on nii töödeldud et sinna ei jää mustus kergelt külge on neid hea puhastada, selle sama hea tolmukaga. Sips ja valmis. Peab ütlema et see töökoda, tööruum saab hea :D
Gee Dubb
Gee Dubb Aasta tagasi
Getting married was good for you!
Daniel Münch
Daniel Münch Aasta tagasi
Why don't you put your light switches on the wall?
Lloyd Prunier
Lloyd Prunier Aasta tagasi
125 SM
125 SM Aasta tagasi
Great job !
Felipi bada
Felipi bada Aasta tagasi
Ganhou um inscrito amigo
мариян илиев
мариян илиев Aasta tagasi
Great work as always!What is the plan for the electricity parts on the wall,which after this refresh sits like pain in the ass?Im sure you will not let them like were before. Also cheers for keep using real sounds on videos,and not using dump songs!!!
Matej Šoky
Matej Šoky Aasta tagasi
Wonderfull work beautiful workshop
Carsten Andersen
Carsten Andersen Aasta tagasi
Your shop is bright up with the white walls and your get in bright mode. Love it, looking amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey. God bless you and your family
Kohvi Kruus
Kohvi Kruus Aasta tagasi
Millega sa seinu võõpasid?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Kustutatud lubjaga.
Jonny Mando On The Move
Jonny Mando On The Move Aasta tagasi
You are an ambitious character. This conversion may not make sense to folks who may just build a new shop. I’m sure your property has multiple advantages to making this humongous investment including family history and financial benefits. I’m assembling my shop right now and can’t wait to get back to building stuff. Keep it up bud!
Paul Mcgeoch
Paul Mcgeoch Aasta tagasi
I can’t even be bothered to hoover the floor let alone the walls 😂
Nicolas Flores
Nicolas Flores Aasta tagasi
Me hubiese gustado mejor las terminaciones
chabka34 Aasta tagasi
Why not plaster the whole wall it looks so much better
o0julek0o Aasta tagasi
Yes, I too like to vacuum the walls.
Scottish Lad
Scottish Lad Aasta tagasi
very good
садык аскеров
садык аскеров Aasta tagasi
штукатурить это тебе не балванки точить.здесь талант нужен)))
AD Electronic Teardowns
AD Electronic Teardowns Aasta tagasi
Asbestos was used in everything where a proper mask.
József Papp
József Papp Aasta tagasi
I was wondering about those bricks...and suddenly I realised: you are building a heat shield for the cable. I used to do such things :)
mr. T
mr. T Aasta tagasi
Hyvä 👌
RunSolo Aasta tagasi
Anyone else wondering why the old plaster didn't last? Too much sand in the plaster?
Fatima Oulousa
Fatima Oulousa Aasta tagasi
RunSolo k
Norm Hodgkinson
Norm Hodgkinson Aasta tagasi
nice job, big improvement. and thank you for not making us listen to some annoying ear-torturing background music during the video. looking forward to seeing more of your projects.
Gigi Adrian Mager
Gigi Adrian Mager Aasta tagasi
You are so good at any kind of work!its a pleasure to watch at you working,like a fine dance,congratiulations from România!
TomsDreamshop Worx
TomsDreamshop Worx Aasta tagasi
Keep on plugging away. It is coming along very nicely. I admire your hard work ethic.
300whisper1 Aasta tagasi
Very nice!
41plymouthnut Aasta tagasi
Good job! It will be worth all the hard work it's taking to build your machine shop.
Gerald Trice
Gerald Trice Aasta tagasi
Enjoy watching you transform your old shop into a well lit, almost trip hazard and bug free work shop.
Ananas Studio DIY
Ananas Studio DIY Aasta tagasi
this powder it is a calcium?
CurlyG65 Aasta tagasi
That looked like fun..
General Zugs
General Zugs Aasta tagasi
I liked the old look better. It had some 'character' ;)
G Duncan
G Duncan Aasta tagasi
Did I hear swallow in the background? They arrived back at my place 2 weeks ago. Great work Donn.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Yup, they're here. 😉
einart tamm
einart tamm Aasta tagasi
Bob Engelhardt
Bob Engelhardt Aasta tagasi
Nice! It's soon to be a place that's a pleasure to work in. Your ambition, energy, and determination remind me of bcbloc02 & his barn-to-shop conversion.
Aimar Kabin
Aimar Kabin Aasta tagasi
Lahe. Ootan juba järgmist videot 😎
Henri Markus Luts
Henri Markus Luts Aasta tagasi
What's your day - job?
Doing a great job at it too !
Bob Engelhardt
Bob Engelhardt Aasta tagasi
@Donn DIY English translation: entrepreneur
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Ettevõtja. 😉
Pierre Flamand
Pierre Flamand Aasta tagasi
Hey! Why did you not acid wash the brick walls!!? Brick as a back ground would have been 1000 times more satisfying than this plain white wash. In my opinion. Not a critic. But think about the caché... Old and good! Also, could you comment on your saw dust stove? I know you made a fabrication video, but talking about it after good use would be interesting and helpfull tu wannabe viewers! Thank you.:)
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
I need light for filming, thus the whitewash which reflects more light. That's the main reason. I like plain brick too but that's just the way it is right now. The sawdust stove still works great, have to build a new inner core though, a little upgrade. I'll probably make a video about it too.
Rait Mets
Rait Mets Aasta tagasi
hakkab looma tubli töö/ going to create a good job
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Lhaj BELAID Workshop
Lhaj BELAID Workshop Aasta tagasi
@lhajbelaaid perfect jobs. Best wishes
Stephen Geremia
Stephen Geremia Aasta tagasi
That was a lot of work! You are a machine Don!
Stephen Geremia
Stephen Geremia Aasta tagasi
@Donn DIY really been enjoying your shop improvements/build. Looking forward to seeing your new layout and projects to come.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Most of the work is fortunately completed at the moment. Now I just have to button everything up and start workin on other projects.
Сантехник Live
Сантехник Live Aasta tagasi
Лайк от Сантехника 👍👍👍👍
Christofix Aasta tagasi
what a difference! I can't wait to see the rest of the build. Well done mate!
Christofix Aasta tagasi
@Donn DIY I'm looking forward to it. for the moment i'm working on my shop too. This week I installed some insulation in the roof. This week i'm doing the walls
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Starting to reach the semi-finished shop already, at least for now. Gonna leave the walls on the other side of the shop behind the material rack intact for the time being. Now the new-ish work bench and other bits and pieces and I can start working on steel projects again.
Bert Bert
Bert Bert Aasta tagasi
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Aasta tagasi
Cheers man!
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