4x4 Build Ep.7 - Car Struts, Tube Frame

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Latest video: eepost.info/my/video/o2-LdnVnopKFuos.html
Continuing the work on the tube frame. Customizing new car struts of the Peugeot Partner to fit the lighter Volkswagen Golf 1 rear axle springs on them. Starting work on the roof structure / roll bar of the UTV. Utilizing old parts such as the cargo hull framed divider wire mesh as a divider on the UTV as well. Realizing that the new shock absorbers are a bit taller than the older ones and that it requires a light redo on the tube frame as well.
This is part of a series of a four wheel drive utility vehicle build to lessen the work load on my trusty 2002 Honda Foreman Rubicon TRX500FA. This partially answers the question "Why?" but for those who want to ask "why don't you just buy a side-by-side instead of building one?" I just want to say - I'm not made of money. Side-by-sides are ridiculously expensive, even the car I drive around daily is worth less (not worthless though!), hell, it is even worth less than my 2002 Honda ATV.
"How much HP will it have?" - the 1.4 litre FWD petrol engine I'm planning on using has 55 kw and this will not change, but the torque will be tripled via the BMW differentials I'm using to transfer power to front and rear axles.
"It will be too heavy!" - this project just like the firewood processor project does not have to float. And a heavier vehicle will handle better anyway when hauling heavy loads.
Stay tuned for future episodes! Thanks for watching!
My other videos: eepost.info
#donndiy #homemade #4x4
Pomade - Silent Partner (EEpost Audio Library)
Welding equipment borrowed from Spetselektroodi AS, Estonia:
Fronius TransSteel 2700 welder
Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet
Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP plasma cutter

Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
Want more fabrication videos? There are plenty on eepost.infovideos
Stacy Reid
Stacy Reid Місяць tagasi
Great job on it. I have stuff pop up in my thoughts like this but never makes it any further
Hellsong89 Місяць tagasi
What is your planning phase like? Do you do any sketches, drawings or you just free hand it while building? It would be nice to have just still frame on idea of what you are going for and interesting to see how that chances over time. Rok Adamlje Side ways works too, but sometimes we forget the easiest solution and keep hitting our heads into wall, thats why its important to take step back and look problem from another angle.
Rok Adamlje
Rok Adamlje Місяць tagasi
Could have tried installing the locker with the shock upside down?
Larry Davidson
Larry Davidson 7 päeva tagasi
What a talented individual Donn is!!!!!!!!!!!
Roger O
Roger O 9 päeva tagasi
Looking good, and well done. Keep it up (from Oregon USA).
Dedi Maco
Dedi Maco 18 päeva tagasi
Salam🤝kenal teman..,.
Dedi Maco
Dedi Maco 18 päeva tagasi
Mantap sahabat👍🤝
prancstaman Місяць tagasi
Making the frame is the funest part of the build, I think. I do the ninja too, I got kung fu grip ya know, LOL.
lau che
lau che Місяць tagasi
Why you didn't use tubes? Better strength!
Stewart Steele
Stewart Steele Місяць tagasi
Really good love this series cant wait for next episode
glenn moreland
glenn moreland Місяць tagasi
Msr M
Msr M Місяць tagasi
Un understandable technology waste what's your opinion of posting this video???
laurentiu popescu
laurentiu popescu Місяць tagasi
Weld some gearbox sprockets,to have 4x4
mike8hunter Місяць tagasi
My question is about the ride height if you want to add about 1 foot of clearance shouldn’t the system be pre-built at about half the shock travel?
CPS Special Corner
CPS Special Corner Місяць tagasi
This is a great idea and work. So wonderful 🥰... Like
Danny Devito
Danny Devito Місяць tagasi
Are you using flux core welding wire or the old school gas shielded?
Predi Abdurahman
Predi Abdurahman Місяць tagasi
I wait next episode..
Kwrd King
Kwrd King Місяць tagasi
Roberto Zalazar
Roberto Zalazar Місяць tagasi
.muy bueno lo que haces...
Rampant Lion Smiddy
Rampant Lion Smiddy Місяць tagasi
was i the only one shouting at the screen just turn the shock upside down lol before going full caveman on it
BarnStangz Місяць tagasi
Donn, don't be so hard on yourself man, I stroll around my workshop too... Almost like I've lost my mind!
علي الشيخ
علي الشيخ Місяць tagasi
Thanks 🤩😍🤩 عمل رائع شكرا لك اخي
davidson douglas
davidson douglas Місяць tagasi
Chique 10
EmElTea Місяць tagasi
11:03 - Mike Pence's fly. Awesome build, thanks for sharing!
French Phil
French Phil Місяць tagasi
you would have been better buying a set of coilover shocks... it would have been cheaper and a lot less fabrication.
osvaldo camoes
osvaldo camoes Місяць tagasi
😂😂 you looks great Donn
burntorangeak Місяць tagasi
Somebody send Donn a Tubeshark.
John Vroegryk
John Vroegryk Місяць tagasi
Looking good, that's going to be one "mean machine" It seems like that, what your mind and eyes can perceive, your hands can build. A W E S O M E. ! ! !
Jon McNabb
Jon McNabb Місяць tagasi
Donn is this vehicle to replace the Tracked Amphibious Vehicle?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
Nothing is going to replace the amphibian! 💪😁
Job38 Four
Job38 Four Місяць tagasi
HAHA That was funny trying to get spring on shock. "Why do things take so much time"
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
I do both, looking for misplaced parts and tools more than doing the thinking though. 😂
fra57 Місяць tagasi
have you considered that the vehicle will loose groud clearence without the wood frame? (with all the weight on the shocks?)
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
nobo la terreur
nobo la terreur Місяць tagasi
pourquoi tu met des amortisseur qui sont foutu
Mike L60
Mike L60 Місяць tagasi
Great looking project , nice job so far and nice shop , thanks .
Scarface 39
Scarface 39 Місяць tagasi
She’s looking good 👍🇺🇸
Notarobot Місяць tagasi
Very nice! I would extend the control arms and make it wider..
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
I know what you mean but I want to keep it as narrow as I can for all sort of reasons - fitment through the workshop doors; fitment on the trailer I have; fitment between the trees in the forest without having to cut in new wider trails etc. I've done most of the jobs around the household using my ATV, now this UTV will be its successor and has to fit where the ATV did. 😉
laurentiu popescu
laurentiu popescu Місяць tagasi
Y think ypu hawe to put upside down one diferential.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
Алексей Толмачёв
Алексей Толмачёв Місяць tagasi
Тебе нужен хороший трубагиб, а то слишком много углов. Удачи с проектом.
pharmmech Місяць tagasi
I think the motor needs some work!! Had to laugh at your mnotor sound
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
mchl8 Місяць tagasi
I'm not bashing you this is your project but just for suggestion I'd lay the frame out differently. If your putting a body your going to want a longer frame. Push the rear axle back to support the body to. The drive train will be different but it'll work better.
Сергей Купреев
Сергей Купреев Місяць tagasi
Сейчас весь вес на стапеле. Пружины не нагружены. Добавится вес двигателя, бака с топливом, рама, водитель, штурман и ещё много чего. Так вот вопрос-машина не ляжет на брюхо, когда снимешь её со стапеля?
David McDuffie
David McDuffie Місяць tagasi
Lookin good so far, lookin forward to thee next video !
Jeffrey Yeip
Jeffrey Yeip Місяць tagasi
Next time you have to hold a shaft up until you can get it assembled try putting a rubber band tightly around the shaft where it goes into the body.
Drew Campbell
Drew Campbell Місяць tagasi
Ninja! LOL
blperoc Місяць tagasi
This build feels like it is going a lot faster than the tracked vehicle. Liking it so far.
Military Museum
Military Museum Місяць tagasi
This is really difficult waiting for the next video!
mdftrasher Місяць tagasi
Does it have 4 wheel steering 2? @ 2:05 Why do thing takes so much time. Have you seen the "Binky" 4 wheel drive mini build? Compared to that, this build is @ lightspeed! ;-)
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
It could have 4 wheel steering but I have some more important features to build first. Then I will see whether I can fit the rear wheel steering in there too.
noe ramirez
noe ramirez Місяць tagasi
With 2cv engine.
Gonza c.
Gonza c. Місяць tagasi
16:23 parece que dice "Bien" jaja
Moritz Kirschner
Moritz Kirschner Місяць tagasi
Heyy Donn, you are inspiring, thx for your videos... What length, width, wheelbase and gauge has you utv?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
Wheelbase 2m, width 1,5m, length 2,7m, height around 1,7m.
Lenek8005 Місяць tagasi
11:29 ninja 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍
GetWork Місяць tagasi
It been long time since you got your metal chop saw, what can you tell about it after using for some time, is it worth money? How blade holds up? ?Is it better than carbide one?
Wojciech Chmielewski
Wojciech Chmielewski Місяць tagasi
I like this ;)
Marcelo Bitencourt
Marcelo Bitencourt Місяць tagasi
Acho que todo homem tem o sonho de construir seus próprios brinquedos.... Isso é novela de cabra macho 😎😎😎
gafrers Місяць tagasi
The famous Baltic Ninja at work. Great progress and skilled as usual.
Новая Стройка ИВ
Новая Стройка ИВ Місяць tagasi
Красиво, но сварка в глаза очень больно смотреть.
Приветствую Вас! отличное видео.Большой лайк.
SrMofo Місяць tagasi
I would add a drain hole or 3 to that lower strut perch so it doesn'tl rust out when it fills with water/mud. Looking good though
democratsaretheDEVIL Місяць tagasi
The dump box doesn't have enough base frame, shoulda angled the back supports out for a bigger box. I love you vision, ready for next episode.
marcos araujo
marcos araujo Місяць tagasi
Estamos de olho 👀 👍👍👏👏
Gary Mucher
Gary Mucher Місяць tagasi
I like this project. I enjoy watching the ideas being made on the fly. You can almost see the thought process as you move along. Thumbs Up. Nothing wrong with custom designing as you go...
william bell
william bell Місяць tagasi
I have thought about making something like this using components from a subaru outback. You are a surgeon with the cutting wheels on the angle grinder. I only started using them in the last year and wonder what I did before.
Алексей Туманов
Алексей Туманов Місяць tagasi
Manoel Messias Paz
Manoel Messias Paz Місяць tagasi
Gente eu não intendo nada que vcs estão comentando mais está ficando top😅
Matheus Lima
Matheus Lima Місяць tagasi
16:25 THE END!!
Marco Sinistro
Marco Sinistro Місяць tagasi
Daje! 😁👍
Юрий Репин
Юрий Репин Місяць tagasi
Ты их делаешь на заказ
Marc Dwanyne
Marc Dwanyne Місяць tagasi
Video is over .. Me : noooooooooooo god noooooo 😂😂
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
mot_04 Місяць tagasi
So basicly that’s a peugout partner on steroids. 😂😂 Nice work, keep it up👍🏻👍🏻
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
Yes! 💪💪💪💪😄
simon raedler
simon raedler Місяць tagasi
What is with your CNC Plasma table? Are there coming more videos? I would like that a lot!
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
CNC plasma is a work in progress still.
teamidris Місяць tagasi
It’s very short for carrying things, how about a power take off on the drive shaft for a powered trailer? *repeat the back end of the buggy with the same parts and a tractor PTO shaft for drive*
mazur0001 Місяць tagasi
BNT Polish power
S G Місяць tagasi
Looking sweeeeet keep at it the donn
scotty362100 Місяць tagasi
You really need to build a square tubing bender, to get away from all of those ugly sharp angled corners, and save on welding.
Іван Аузяк
Іван Аузяк Місяць tagasi
А шо то було на 11.28?
Путь Жизни Металлиста
Путь Жизни Металлиста Місяць tagasi
Я думаю Ваше видео вдохновляет многих самодельщиков на изготовление своих поделок 👍 🚙
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
Вдохновлять других - вот к чему я стремлюсь. 😉
Rodrigues Sagás
Rodrigues Sagás Місяць tagasi
Amazing job man.. great job!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏
juan carlos Casabuono
juan carlos Casabuono Місяць tagasi
How did you set the advance angle on the front suspension?
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
The struts already have it. The shock is offset from the center of the wheel hub towards the rear end thus giving the wheels the trailing they need.
Spirit Realm
Spirit Realm Місяць tagasi
THE END scared the Hell out of me!, please do not do that again. P.S. I'll be watching.
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
David nipp
David nipp Місяць tagasi
Very nice camera work and editing. Like your videos and workmanship!
3bnjo3 Місяць tagasi
Donn with an angle grinder is liken to Jimmy Diresta with a bandsaw.
Александр Осиев
Александр Осиев Місяць tagasi
Офигенно, а сделай что бы и задние и передние колеса поворачивались!
Jerry Glen
Jerry Glen Місяць tagasi
Very talented DONN/DIY😊👍🍻🍻🍻🍻
Bradley Місяць tagasi
2:05 This is my life... Officially known as putzin
Дмитрий Рожновский
Дмитрий Рожновский Місяць tagasi
Молодец-мужик! Есть руки, голова и творческий подход!
AmericanOkie Місяць tagasi
Great works. You should’ve made it 1 foot longer.
Jerrell Kull
Jerrell Kull Місяць tagasi
I would have welded sleeves in the square tube for the struts to bolt to, that way the tube won't fill with mud and debris, and rot away........jussayn
William Glaser
William Glaser Місяць tagasi
"cargo hull framed divider" My best guess this will be part of the dump box... As you were building it I was thinking that you were going to weld that to the frame, then I read the description and It kinda makes me think that it will be part of the box. So far this is looking really good. I want to make a 2 wheel drive one with a 3 cylinder geo metro... Lightweight and front wheel drive.. Would make for a very nice little fast cart.
Fodil Aissani
Fodil Aissani Місяць tagasi
You rocks mate
James A
James A Місяць tagasi
ANNND you're a ninja too?! Man you're one bad dude...sir. lol. Love your build videos especially those awesome wheels!
Great job Donn, moving right along. Measure twice cut once, did that 3 times and it still too short 🤗 !! You’re doing a great job with this project and it’ll be a work horse. Thanks for sharing with us.👍👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
FrankTheCat Місяць tagasi
I spend a lot of time wandering around my shop too, not doing anything productive, instead searching, because I've 'lost' a tool or consumable... 'lost' because it's always right where I left it. xD
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
Open D Studio
Open D Studio Місяць tagasi
Mr. Sparky, everything is grinding to a halt.
Baron Clime
Baron Clime Місяць tagasi
Great build again. You might want to check out Mike Festiva out. He did a neat little articulating dump truck. Well he's still working on it. You might find that kind of thing useful. I'm planning on building one as soon as the money tree blooms here soon lol.
Quaddingsous Місяць tagasi
11:28 - BAHAHAHA!!!
Random Stranger
Random Stranger Місяць tagasi
Next time, use a bit of string to pull the strut rod sideways while you feed the components on to it. It will save you a lot of grief! Seems odd that they won't support the weight of the rod. Are they supposed to be unpressurised? Fitting them in a car must be a nightmare.
Jon Tiz
Jon Tiz Місяць tagasi
Just a idea you should try to make a skid loader
Василий Тёркин
Василий Тёркин Місяць tagasi
jesse barker
jesse barker Місяць tagasi
That ninja tho
Brian Beecher
Brian Beecher Місяць tagasi
Hello this is your neighborhood angry indian here once again and don gotta give it to you man good skills but i have a question you are building a dump box ok i get it but what are you dumping? From the size id have to say its rather small..and youve got alot if land dude..me i wouldve mades it alot bigger. But that would mean would have to re-engineer the whole damb thing..or a trailer that can dump with a hydraulic ram..thaks don keep em comming dude from indiana greetings and cheers mr.b
Barry Coleman
Barry Coleman Місяць tagasi
have seen them all.
Mark paulene
Mark paulene Місяць tagasi
Donn your the man cracking job, now I think the engine sound needs a little bit of work but getting there. MarkUK
Mark paulene
Mark paulene Місяць tagasi
@Donn DIY I like it, keep trying you'll get there🚗it will be knee nah 🚒next, keep up the good work
Donn DIY
Donn DIY Місяць tagasi
It's been a long time since I practiced the engine sound. I'm rusty! 😆
clypeum Місяць tagasi
Those Piher clamps are really nice! I use them on Wood and Metal Working Projects. They are fantastic!!
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