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You are amazing bro
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Awesome works I have learned a lot of different ideas thanks for sharing
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Hippie Homesteader 18 tundi tagasi
Now I know what to do with the old golf cart axle and old mower decks sitting in the scrap pile. I knew I save them for a reason lol
Pat Dexter
Pat Dexter 19 tundi tagasi
Cool build! I'd like to make one for prospecting to feed a small trommel. To run with a 12v motor
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Good job very
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Stephen Fischer Päev tagasi
Talking as you are working would be better
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Carl mcwhirt Päev tagasi
Why is a side grinder a one in all tool
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The-Cheeze-Ity Päev tagasi
Maybe add a half cage door so theres side protection
The-Cheeze-Ity Päev tagasi
On the exhaust you should do a stack pipe to keep the fumes away from you and away from the ground. Basically like a tractor stack
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Keith James
Keith James 2 päeva tagasi
But is it really safe having the engine next to you and the battery right under you...?
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Nils Kall
Nils Kall 2 päeva tagasi
Hey! I know you made a video of a winch angled snow plow for your Honda atv but I cant seem to find it, did you remove it? Planning on doing something similar to my Honda. Best regards Nils
David P
David P 2 päeva tagasi
HI Don, great to see the CNC table being used even if it's not finished. Its uped your game and look hugely! It was already professional quality work, but now it 100% looks it. It's some time since you changed your mill, unless I'm mistaken although we've seen the new mill in use, the last mill video was on the old mill, could we perhaps have an update on current gear and how you are finding it. Always enjoyable, always logical, keep it up. Long time viewer from New Zealand
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Oldold Pilgrim
Oldold Pilgrim 3 päeva tagasi
Assuming the tractor came into the family after the fall of the Soviet Union, I'd be interesting in knowing how ownership was transferred.
Ciro Matera
Ciro Matera 3 päeva tagasi
you are a genius with golden hands :-)
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Fuzz Zeballs 3 päeva tagasi
is silver birch worth cutting?
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круто вот только не допонял накой электродвиг :)? или предусмотрен вариант использования стационарно от электричества? ЗЫ только после того как прокоментил прочитал подпись к видео :)
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Allthings Fishy
Allthings Fishy 3 päeva tagasi
Excellent video sir! How long (minus waiting for parts) does it take you to do a full rebuild?
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Сакит Гасанов 3 päeva tagasi
Fights with Spirits
Fights with Spirits 3 päeva tagasi
I love bandsaws. So smooth cutting.
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Dude you are so damn talented! Glad I found your channel.
ItsYuhBoiSimon 3 päeva tagasi
I like the random side project.. that always happens to me
zeke azak
zeke azak 3 päeva tagasi
Hey awesome build and enjoy watching. The tie rod ends you used are all right hand thread. Not sure if they were all peugeot, but having a left hand thread with a right hand on the same tie rod would be easier to set the toe later on. On your design, if you have to make a toe adjustment you would need to pop out one tie rod and rotate it. Having opposing threads on each end you only need to loosen jam nuts and rotate tie rod with a pipe wrench.
Владимир Горлинский
Владимир Горлинский 3 päeva tagasi
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Troy Schwab
Troy Schwab 3 päeva tagasi
what gauge sheet Sheetmetal did you use? i've been wanting to band my VW stock wheels. i bought a tire machine to use as like a sideways lathe to cut my rim. i'm not sure what gauge to use for the band. i also need to get a roller!
правда всем
правда всем 3 päeva tagasi
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Ron 4 päeva tagasi
would have been stronger if you joined the shaft and welded a pin through the center of the two
Mike OHandley
Mike OHandley 4 päeva tagasi
I don't know why you worry about what people who are watching, like me, say. We're sitting on our asses doing nothing while YOU are doing something productive. Do it the way you want and to hell with us!
EMechanics 4 päeva tagasi
It's heavy fabrication but very interesting works
Mike OHandley
Mike OHandley 4 päeva tagasi
Have been wondering whether you knew how to de-rust using electrolysis. Now I know!
Mike OHandley
Mike OHandley 4 päeva tagasi
Back in prehistoric times in my high school welding class, my instructor taught us to use damp modeling clay to draw heat off metal near welds. We'd pack it in contact with the metal near whatever we wanted to protect from the heat and the clay would absorb the heat, preventing the rubber mounts or dampers from melting. It removed easily and would wipe right off.
Stu Morrison
Stu Morrison 4 päeva tagasi
You sir, know your way round a welder! Awesome job, love it!
Maciej De
Maciej De 4 päeva tagasi
Why not a layout like in Opel Astra/Kaddet, where you have the end of the stering rack screwed directly to the Macpherson
J Cataclism
J Cataclism 4 päeva tagasi
Confess: you only made all of this thanks to that drawing from your wife in the last video! :-D Again, great work! Thanks for the video.
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Aijaz Shaikh 4 päeva tagasi
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